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For Immediate Release
June 24, 2014
Contact: DNC Press Office

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Tonight’s Primary Results

Washington, DC – DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on the results of tonight’s primaries:  

“Another primary Election Day, another confirmation that while Democrats continue to expand our party, the GOP is thwarting their attempts to reach out to new voters.  

“Democrats are ready to unite behind the historic candidacy of Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is poised to become the state’s first African American governor, and would be just the fifth in our nation‘s history.  

“Across the country, Democratic candidates are fighting to secure economic opportunity for working families, from Tim Bishop in New York’s first Congressional District to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Come November, voters will cast their ballots for Democratic candidates who are on their side, instead of candidates like Lee Zeldin and Bob Beauprez who are beholden to radical, right wing ideology.  

“Meanwhile in Mississippi, Sen. Thad Cochran barely survived a challenge from Chris McDaniel with the help of a huge cash advantage. McDaniel’s campaign was plagued by scandal and controversy, but Cochran still required a runoff just to win his party’s nomination. Like in Mitch McConnell's primary, even the 'establishment' candidates who win Republican primaries are out of touch and out of the mainstream."


Democratic Governors Association
June 24, 2014


WASHINGTON, DC—Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement regarding primary results in Colorado and the general election for governor:

“Under Governor John Hickenlooper’s bipartisan, business-oriented leadership, Colorado has made tremendous economic progress over the last four years. The unemployment rate has dropped from 9.1 percent to 5.8 percent, the state has improved from 40th to 4th in the nation for job creation, and we’ve seen 31 consecutive months of job growth. By working with business leaders to drive Colorado-based ideas, innovations, and solutions, Governor Hickenlooper has helped build an economy that’s stronger and fairer for the middle class.

“In stark contrast, Republicans have nominated longtime Congressman Bob Beauprez. Since his historic, 17-point defeat eight years ago, Beauprez has given voice to extremism and rigid partisanship as a fringe radio host. While Both Ways Bob will spend the next few months trying to use the double-talk he mastered as a Washington politician trying to explain away his troubling record and radical views on everything from the imminent threat of Sharia law to the ‘hoax’ of climate change, voters won’t be fooled. We look forward to Governor Hickenlooper’s reelection in November.”


Republican Governors Association
June 24, 2014

RGA Chairman Chris Christie Congratulates Bob Beauprez on Colorado Gubernatorial Primary Victory

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association issued the following statement on the outcome of the Colorado gubernatorial primary election:

“There is no doubt Bob Beauprez is ready and willing to step up and make Colorado strong again,” said RGA Chairman Chris Christie. “An experienced leader with Colorado roots that run deep, Beauprez has what it takes to revitalize the state’s economy, create good jobs and ensure opportunities for everyone eager to live, work and raise a family in the state. It’s time for Colorado to join the ranks of red states leading the country, and the Republican Governors Association is proud to support Bob Beauprez for governor.”

“Time and time again, Governor Hickenlooper’s failed leadership has hurt Colorado,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “He’s performed a disservice to the taxpayers by creating an oversized, overreaching state government that’s more extreme than they bargained for. Hickenlooper has stood idly by as his liberal policies have compromised the state’s economic growth and vitality. Colorado needs a real leader in the governor’s office who will put the state back on a path to prosperity and Bob Beauprez is that person.”


Colorado Democratic Party
June 24, 2014
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Contact: Rick Palacio


DENVER, CO – Colorado Democratic Party Chair, Rick Palacio made the following statement following the results of the 2014 Republican Gubernatorial Primary:
“While all of the Republican primary opponents had fuel for fodder, Bob Beauprez takes the cake,” Palacio said. “Not only is Congressman Beauprez a willing participant, but he’s an active antagonist, instigator and spreader of misinformation and Tea Party ideas,”
“When it comes to family planning, Beauprez said he would sign a bill that would ban abortion without exceptions for victims of rape and incest and continue the extreme Republican agenda of limiting access to birth control,”
“On immigration, Beauprez said that he would like to see a “cleansing process,” and force 11 million undocumented immigrants, including women and children, to “go home”,
“Clearly, his positions put Beauprez in the far right of the Republican Party and way out of Colorado’s mainstream.”
Beauprez Said He Did Not Include Exceptions For Rape Or Incest, Saying “I Don’t Think It’s The Child’s Fault.” In August 2006, Beauprez appeared on Colorado Public Radio to talk about social issues and was asked if he would support an overturn of Roe v. Wade and if he would sign a bill as governor of Colorado supporting that. Beauprez answered: “as long as it protected the life of the mother I would.” The interviewer then asked “Rape, incest, anything like that?” Beauprez responded “No, I don’t make exceptions for that.” He was then asked “Let me give you what is admittedly an extreme hypothetical. A sixteen year old girl is raped. She and her parents want her to get an abortion for her. They would pay for it. It wouldn’t be state dollars. You would support a law preventing her from getting an abortion under those circumstances.” Beauprez responded “Yes, I’ll tell you very simply why. I don’t think it’s the child’s fault and I think that we either protect life, all life, especially the most innocent of life, or we don’t. The situations of rape or incest and pregnancies resulting from are relatively few and I think unfortunately what we have done sometimes is use rather what we think are extreme exceptions to justify a carte blanche abortion policy that has resulted in well an excess, as I understand it, of a million abortions a year in our nation.” [Colorado Public Radio, 8/28/2006]
Beauprez Called Forcing Illegal Immigrants To “Go Home” A “Cleansing Process.” In March 2007, Beauprez posted on his blog A Line of Sight about illegal immigration and the need to make illegal immigrants “go home.” Beauprez continued: “Once back home, they may choose to get in line for legal immigration, pass a background check, a health exam, pay fines as may be determined by Congress, and if we have determined that we have need for them in the workforce, they get a new fool proof identity card and start over. Employers may say they can't take the disruption to their workforce for this 'cleansing' process to work. Remember that by this time there will be a new immigration processing system. It should take days – weeks at the most – to process a legal immigration application. The years of waiting, uncertainty, and delay of the present system is completely unacceptable, and must be changed. Employers should demand from the government access to a legal workforce in a timely manner.” [A Line of Sight, 3/15/2007]

Colorado Republican Party
June 24, 2014

Chairman Call Congratulates Beauprez On Primary Win

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call released the following statement today congratulating former Congressman Bob Beauprez on winning the Republican primary for governor:

“It’s been a pleasure watching all of our talented candidates campaign across Colorado and spread the Republican Party’s message of growth, opportunity and freedom. We are truly blessed to have such a talented pool of candidates and I know each of them has a bright future in the Republican Party.

"Bob ran a disciplined primary campaign, and we’re proud to have such a fine leader, family man, and small businessman as our nominee for governor. Governor Hickenlooper has pursued a strategy of exclusion, rather than inclusion during his time at the capitol. Colorado is ready for a leader who will unite our state in common goals and not divide it with a partisan agenda. Bob Beauprez is a leader who will bring our state together after years of divisiveness from Governor Hickenlooper and it's time for every Republican in Colorado to join in the effort to elect Bob as our next governor.”


National Republican Congressional Committee
June 24, 2014

Chairman Greg Walden’s Statement on Ken Buck’s Primary Victory

WASHINGTON – National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden issued the following statement on Ken Buck’s Republican primary victory in Colorado’s 4thCongressional District.

“As District Attorney, Ken Buck has served Weld County with honor and distinction. Ken Buck truly understands the serious issues facing Colorado, and our great nation. I have no doubt Ken will be a strong voice in Congress for the hardworking families and farmers of the Eastern Plains.

“I congratulate Ken Buck on his victory and look forward to working with him in Congress.”


Democratic Governors Association
June 24, 2014


WASHINGTON, DC—Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement regarding Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown’s victory in the Maryland gubernatorial primary:

“On behalf of all of our Democratic governors, I’d like to congratulate Anthony Brown for winning the Democratic nomination for governor of Maryland. As a son of immigrants, a 30-year Army veteran who served his nation in Iraq, and Lieutenant Governor, Anthony’s life experiences have prepared him to lead his state.

“Over the last eight years, he has helped balance budgets while protecting core middle-class priorities, building the best school system in the nation, and driving crime to 30-year lows. Over the next four, he’ll strengthen the economy and create jobs by investing in infrastructure, expanding workforce training, and spurring entrepreneurship and small business growth. As always, he’ll be guided by fiscal discipline and a steadfast focus on further improving schools and reducing crime. Anthony will be an outstanding governor and I look forward to working with him when he’s elected in November.”

Republican Governors Association
June 24, 2014

RGA Chairman Chris Christie Congratulates Larry Hogan on Maryland Gubernatorial Primary Victory

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association issued the following statement on the outcome of the Maryland gubernatorial primary election:

“Larry Hogan’s primary election victory presents a stark choice for voters this November between the status quo and a new path forward for Maryland,” said RGA Chairman Chris Christie. “Hogan’s years of experience as a leader in the private sector will allow him to bring serious, meaningful change and common sense reform to Annapolis.  By reigning in reckless spending and rolling back the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s 40 straight tax hikes, Hogan will foster a climate that encourages entrepreneurs, businesses and families to invest in and commit to Maryland.  The Republican Governors Association is proud to support Larry Hogan for governor.”

“As Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown was primarily responsible for Maryland’s ObamaCare state exchange, a public policy and leadership failure of epic proportions,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “A Brown Administration would merely be an extension of the current one, where Marylanders are taxed beyond reason and government is so expansive it suffocates the people and small businesses it’s intended to serve.  Maryland isn’t working for Marylanders, and it’s time for new leadership.”


National Republican Congressional Committee


DATE: JUNE 24, 2014
It says a lot about how difficult 2014 is for Democrats that they are playing defense in at least four seats in DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s home state. Whether it’s ethically tainted Tim Bishop, epically out-of-touch Sean Eldridge, or Mr. Washington D.C. Dan Maffei, Democrat incumbents and candidates are carrying their own individual baggage into the strong national headwinds caused by ObamaCare and a President who is stumbling from one disaster to the next on what seems like a weekly basis. New York is key to Republicans increasing their majority in the House, and the difference between the Republicans and Democrats running for seats in New York this November clearly gives the advantage to the GOP.
NY-01: Lee Zeldin (R) v. Tim Bishop (D)
Tim Bishop barely won re-election the past two cycles and that was before he was investigated by the Department of Justice and the Office of Congressional Ethics for his role in a pay-for-play fundraising scheme. Meanwhile, Bishop continues his unqualified support of ObamaCare, calling it “a pretty damn good idea” and even repeating the Lie of the Year, which remains on his website.
Bishop is being challenged by Lee Zeldin, a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne who served in Iraq and is currently serving as a New York State Senator. In that role, Lee helped lead the fight for lower payroll and income taxes for middle class families and helped secure funding for the PFC Joseph Dwyer Program, a statewide program to help our returning veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Geography: PVI: R+2; Obama 49.6% - Romney 49.1%. New York’s 1st Congressional District includes most of Central and Eastern Suffolk County, including most of Smithtown, as well as the entirety of the towns of Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southold, Southampton, East Hampton, and Shelter Island.
NY-18: Nan Hayworth (R) v. Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney spent his first term in Congress showing his constituents exactly how fiscally irresponsible he really is. Maloney voted against a balanced budget, against banning taxpayer funded healthcare for life for Members of Congress, and even against eliminating first class air travel for Members of Congress. Maloney is being challenged by former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, who has consistently voted for fiscal responsibility and pro-job policies that empower families, not the federal government. As a doctor, Hayworth understands how ObamaCare is negatively impacting families in the 18th District and is committed to replacing ObamaCare with a plan that takes power from the bureaucrats and insurance companies, and gives it back to people and their doctors
Geography: PVI: Even; Obama 51.4% - Romney 47.2%. New York’s 18th Congressional District includes all of Orange County and Putnam County, as well as parts of southern Dutchess County and northeastern Westchester County.
NY-24: John Katko (R) v. Dan Maffei (D)
Dan Maffei has never won a Congressional election in a mid-term year, losing in both 2006 and 2010. Maffei can expect the same fate in 2014 as his vote for ObamaCare and its medical device tax continues to haunt him and his out-of-touch decision to buy a $700,000 home in Alexandria, VA only further alienates him from Central New York families that are tired of “D.C. Dan.”
Maffei is being challenged by John Katko, a former federal prosecutor who served in the Central New York US Attorney’s Office as the concurrent Narcotics Chief, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Coordinator, Binghamton Office Supervisor, Team Leader, and Grand Jury Coordinator. Katko understands ObamaCare cannot be fixed and it’s time for real healthcare solutions, he wants to lower taxes, and would support a balanced budget.
Geography: PVI: D+5; Obama 57.1% - Romney 41.1%. New York’s 24th District includes the City of Syracuse and all of Cayuga, Onondaga, and Wayne counties, and the western part of Oswego County.
NY-21: Elise Stefanik (R) v. Aaron Woolf (D)
The minute Congressman Bill Owens announced his retirement Democrats knew that holding onto this traditionally Republican seat would be an uphill battle. Well-known local Democrats all saw the writing on the wall and declined to run, leaving an unknown – and self-described “press release kind of guy” – Aaron Woolf to try and keep the seat for Nancy Pelosi.
Woolf, who had never been to the largest city in the district until a month into his campaign, finds himself competing for the seat against Elise Stefanik, a small businesswoman who was born and raised in upstate New York. With a policymaking background and experience at her family’s small business, Stefanik promises to bring a new and dynamic approach to Congress and to hold this seat for years to come.
Geography: PVI: Even; Obama 52.2% - Romney 46.1%. New York’s 21st Congressional District is located in New York’s North Country and includes all or parts of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington counties.
NY-19: Chris Gibson (R) v. Sean Eldridge (D)
Voters will have a clear choice in this race. Republican and Kinderhook native Chris Gibson is not only one of the most independent voices in Congress, he is also a bona fide war hero and has served seven tours of duty in the United States Army. Gibson has been a leading voice in the fight against Lyme disease and the push for broadband access in rural New York. As an experienced combat officer, Gibson also provides a rare and important perspective in Congress as the United States deals with dangerous situations in places like Russia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
Conversely, Sean Eldridge is a 27-year old first time candidate for Congress who is using his massive $700 million checkbook to fund both his campaign and a venture capital firm, the latter of which is used to buy support in the community by providing companies high interest loans. Eldridge has also shown himself to be the ultimate hypocrite, publicly bemoaning millionaires pouring money into politics while spending millions to help get himself and others elected. Eldridge’s campaign is also being funded by his significant investments in the very companies and industries that he criticizes on the campaign trail. Eldridge recently admitted that he would have voted for ObamaCare and against the bipartisan farm bill which is so vital to the region. Finally, this race has been profiled by a number of media outlets, including the NY Times, Politico, the Huffington Post, and Fox News. Those profiles have spawned a number of unflattering portrayals of Eldridge and headlines like – “Young, Rich and Relocating Yet Again in Hunt for Political Office,” “Sean Eldridge Is Great At Buying Hudson Valley Homes, Not As Good At Buying His Neighbors’ Affection,” and “Sean Eldridge slams firms husband invests in.”
Geography: PVI: D+1; Obama 52.1% - Romney 45.9%. New York’s 19th Congressional District is made up of Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Ulster counties, and parts of Broome, Dutchess, Montgomery, and Rensselaer counties.
NY-23: Tom Reed (R) v. Martha Robertson (D)
Since being elected to Congress in 2010, Congressman Tom Reed has tirelessly fought for lower taxes, fewer burdensome regulations, a balanced budget, and an economic environment that can help grow jobs in the Southern Tier. Reed serves on the Ways and Means Committee and co-chairs the House Manufacturing Caucus and Congressional Natural Gas Caucus, two areas that are crucially important to the 23rd District.
Reed’s opponent, Martha Robertson, has been nothing short of a disaster since announcing her candidacy. The list of stumbles by Robertson is too long for this memo, but they include sending a fraudulent fundraising email, fundraising with a convicted sex offender, and continually making accusations against her opponent which have already been debunked by non-partisan fact checking organizations. Even more harmful than Robertson’s error-prone campaign are her positions, which are far out-of-step with the 23rd district. Robertson opposes natural gas development, believes that global warming is the number one issue in the campaign, and has already pledged to support Nancy Pelosi and her agenda in the House.
Geography: PVI: R+3; Romney 49.6% - Obama 48.4%. New York’s 23rd Congressional District is comprised of the Finger Lakes and the Southern Tier. It includes eleven counties: Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tompkins and Yates County along with parts of Ontario and Tioga counties, and includes Hanford and parts of Bakersfield.
The following are the unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election in New York. These results are unofficial and incomplete.
*Indicates Winner determined by AP
Republican Primary
472 of 473 Precincts Reporting (99%)
Lee Zeldin*            62%
George Demos      38%
Republican Primary
529 of 544 Precincts Reporting (97%)
Elise Stefanik*    61%
Matt Doheny       39% 
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
June 24, 2014


DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward released the following statement regarding the primary in New York’s First Congressional District:
“After a brutal and expensive race to the right that drove both Republicans far outside the mainstream, Long Islanders now have a clear choice to make between Tim Bishop, a tireless fighter for his district who has the backs of hardworking families, or Lee Zeldin, who is completely out of touch and would stack the deck in favor of special interests at the expense of the middle class.”


DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward released the following statement regarding the primary in New York’s 21st Congressional District:
“Elise Stefanik’s victory in the Republican primary race to the right proves just how far Karl Rove and the Washington special interests will go to add another loyal rubber stamp to their ranks. The Koch Brothers and billionaires like them are behind Elise Stefanik because they know she will stack the deck in favor of the special interests and the ultra-wealthy at the expense of hardworking New York families and seniors.”


DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward released the following statement regarding the primary in New York’s 4th Congressional District:
“Kathleen Rice is a problem solver who will put the middle class and seniors first, and she has a proven record of getting results for Long Island families. Kathleen is deeply committed to boosting jobs and Long Island’s economy and she will be a strong voice for this Democratic district.”

Republican Governors Association
June 24, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republican Governors Association Chairman Chris Christie issued the following statement on the outcome of the Oklahoma gubernatorial primary election:

“ Four years ago, Gov. Mary Fallin promised to bring jobs to Oklahoma and improve the state’s economy, and there’s no doubt she has delivered. Oklahoma’s unemployment rate has dropped drastically since she took office, state government is smaller and more efficient, and hard-working Oklahomans are keeping more of what they earn thanks to her commitment to tax relief. Governor Fallin is fighting for a better Oklahoma, and her leadership is working. The Republican Governors Association is proud to support Governor Fallin’s re-election.”



June 24, 2014

FreedomWorks for America Responds to the GOP Mississippi Senate Runoff Results

Following news that 41-year incumbent Thad Cochran defeated small-government challenger Chris McDaniel in an incredibly narrow primary runoff, FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe released the following statement:

"It's disgraceful that self-described GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, the Chamber of Commerce and the NRSC would champion a campaign platform of pork barrel spending and insider deal-making, while recruiting Democrats to show up at the polls. If the only way the K Street wing of the GOP establishment can win is by courting Democrats to vote in GOP primaries, then we've already won. Tonight is proof that the K Street establishment is intellectually bankrupt, and we are going to have to clean it up."

FreedomWorks for America is a grassroots service center to a community of over 6.6 million activists supporting candidates who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government.

older releases
Senate Conservatives Fund
June 24, 2014
We have just learned that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spent $175,000 on automated phone calls and media production to help Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) defeat conservative Chris McDaniel (R-MS) in tomorrow's Republican primary runoff election.

The NRSC has been open about its support for Cochran but this is the first time they have spent the party's money in the race. This is a major development that takes the NRSC back to the days when it actively supported Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey and Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio.

The NRSC spending in Mississippi comes after polls show Chris McDaniel in the lead over Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS). And it is the first independent expenditure made by the NRSC in any race for the 2014 election cycle.

Why would the NRSC spend money in a primary where RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says the outcome will not impact the balance of power in the Senate?

Why would the NRSC spend money on a seat the party already controls when it could spend it on a seat it could take away from the Democrats?

The NRSC says its only goal is to win a majority, but that isn't true. If it were, they would not be wasting money in a red state primary like Mississippi.

The truth is the NRSC's true mission is to protect the status quo. It is controlled by the Republican leadership in the Senate and its sole purpose is to protect that leadership.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made it clear that he wants to "crush" conservatives "everywhere" and Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), the NRSC's chairman, is dutifully carrying out McConnell's wishes.

It is disgraceful.

Mitch McConnell and Jerry Moran are spending money on a liberal Republican candidate who can only win the primary by getting Democrats to cross over and hijack the election.

They are actively raising money for a Republican incumbent who has been in Washington for 41 years and who votes with the Democrats for more spending and debt.

Mitch McConnell and Jerry Moran are not fighting for principle. They are fighting to protect their own power.

This is why Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) founded the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF). The party establishment does not represent our values and the conservative grassroots need to work together to raise money for principled candidates.

If you are tired of watching Republicans in Washington support liberal incumbents like Thad Cochran, then please contribute to SCF today.

We can defeat the establishment and shake up Washington, but only if freedom-loving Americans like you take a stand.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Fund

Tea Party Express
June 16, 2014

Tea Party Express Bus is Rolling to Mississippi!

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, has fueled up the iconic Tea Party Express bus and is headed to Mississippi for a weekend of Get-Out-The-Vote rallies in support of Senator Chris McDaniel.
Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “No one knows how to win a run-off election like the Tea Party movement. Some of our biggest victories have occurred in competitive run-off elections, like in 2012 with then candidate Ted Cruz winning in historic fashion. We are successful because the Tea Party movement engages and turns out voters that have been sitting at home frustrated with the policies of Washington, D.C.

“There is a strong sentiment of frustration with career politicians that continue to put the old politics of “kicking the can down the road” in front of solutions. They are ready for a new generation of conservative leaders, and we will be doing our part rallying these voters this coming weekend,” Budowich concluded.

Tea Party Express will be launching their tour for Senator Chris McDaniel in his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi on Friday evening. From there, the bus will head to Tupelo and the Jackson suburb of Pearl on Saturday, before ending in Biloxi on Sunday afternoon. The full schedule can be found here.

The Tea Party Express “Elect Chris McDaniel” bus tour has a number of national figures joining their rallies including “The Capitalist Evangelist” and bestselling conservative author Wayne Allen Root; one of Texas’ most influential Tea Party leaders and former Congressional candidate Katrina Pierson; national conservative political commentator Wayne Dupree; Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Nell Hughes; and investigative journalist and author Charles C. Johnson. Tea Party Express entertaining duo, Rivoli Revue, will also be performing at each rally-The Rivoli Revue is best known for their hit song, “Press One for English,” which has over 16 million views on YouTube. More national figures will be announced in coming days.

National Republican Congressional Committee
June 24, 2014

Chairman Greg Walden’s Statement on Curt Clawson’s Victory in Florida 19th Congressional District Special Election

WASHINGTON – National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden issued the following statement on Curt Clawson’s victory in Florida’s 19th Congressional District special election.
“I would like to personally congratulate Rep.-elect Curt Clawson on his victory tonight. As the new Representative for Florida’s 19th Congressional District, Curt will work tirelessly to create jobs, strengthen the economy, and stop ObamaCare from continuing to hurt Florida families. With his commonsense approach and business skills he will also be an invaluable voice in the battle to balance the budget and reign in Washington’s out-of-control spending.
“Floridians have chosen a responsible conservative leader in Curt Clawson, and I look forward to working with him in the Capitol to secure a bright future for Americans across the nation.”