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March 5, 2015

New Ad Campaign Calls Out Scott Walker for Lying About Reproductive Rights Record As He Starts Iowa Trip

NARAL Pro-Choice America Takes Out Full Page Ad in Des Moines Register and Teams Up with CREDO Action to Launch Petition Against this Presidential Hopeful

In advance of Governor Scott Walker’s trip to Iowa this weekend, NARAL Pro-Choice America today launched a new ad campaign in the state calling the governor out for lying to voters about his position against abortion in his re-election campaign last November.

You can see the full-page ad in today’s Des Moines Register here.

You can see the online ads here.

The ad, an open letter from Wisconsin residents to Iowa residents, states: “Scott Walker has a long record of restricting access to contraception and legal abortion. But when seeking re-election last year, he knew this agenda did not match Wisconsin priorities, so in a campaign ad five months ago, looking straight into the camera, he touted a record on abortion that leaves ‘the final decision to a woman and her doctor.’” 

After outlining Governor Walker’s long anti-choice record, the letter from Wisconsin voters to their Iowa neighbors concludes, “We all believe in the freedom of women and families to make the reproductive decisions that are best for them without meddling from politicians. We wanted that for our state, as we do for Iowa and America. We also want a president with integrity, one whose word we can trust. Scott Walker cannot be trusted, and we thought you should know.”

Just this week, Governor Walker penned an open letter for publication on the website of anti-choice lobbyists bragging about his tenure defunding women’s healthcare services and prohibiting health insurance coverage for abortion. Furthermore, he vowed that he would continue to support dangerous abortion bans at the state and federal level.

NARAL Pro-Choice America teamed up with CREDO Action to urge supporters in Wisconsin to sign an open letter that tells Iowans that Scott Walker can't be trusted. So far the petition has been signed by nearly 4,000 Wisconsinites, and growing.  

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America had this to say:

“Just last year, in a craven play to win his re-election, Walker looked directly into the camera and lied to Wisconsin voters. He attempted to hide his unpopular history of restricting access to abortion services, risking women's health, and meddling in Wisconsin women's personal decision making. He tried to run like a politician women can trust. Now, courting presidential primary voters in Iowa, Scott Walker has changed his tune and reverted to the anti-choice politician we’ve always known him to be. That is why Wisconsinites are raising their voices to warn Iowans and voters across the country to make sure that they are not deceived.”

Becky Bond, political director at CREDO, had this to say:

“Scott Walker may have gotten away with lying about his anti-choice record when he ran for re-election in Wisconsin. But we’re putting him on notice that if he runs for the Republican nomination for president we’ll make sure voters know where he stands — anti-woman, anti-family and anti-choice.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America petition:

CREDO Action petition:

Samantha Gordon