January 13, 2016

Jeb Announces Support Among Florida House Leaders Has Grown to 42

Today the Florida House is back in session, Donald Trump has an event in the Panhandle and Jeb is announcing that 21 additional members of the Florida House of Representatives are endorsing his Presidency, growing his support to 42 members of the Florida GOP Caucus. 

This strong backing of Jeb signals by far the most support from Florida legislators than any candidate in the race. The legislators are helping Jeb in various ways including many braving the cold to travel to NH to campaign for Jeb last weekend.

Support for Jeb Bush Among Florida House Leaders Has Grown to 42 

"Jeb Bush is a man of faith, grounded in conservative principles. He governed believing that our 2nd amendment rights must be defended and that every human life is sacred and worth protecting. Governor Bush will be a strong conservative President and I'm proud to support him,” said Representative Dennis Baxley.

"As Governor, Jeb transformed our state and made Florida the best place in the country to live, work, and raise a family. Florida experienced a renaissance of opportunity and I know that President Jeb Bush will do the same for our nation, helping all Americans rise up to their greatest potential," Speaker of the House Steve Crisafulli.

"I know Governor Jeb Bush as a man of true integrity, a conservative reformer who shook up the way things were done in Tallahassee. We need our next President to disrupt the status quo in Washington DC and be ready as an experienced leader to protect this nation from threats within and abroad. That man is Jeb Bush and I’m proud to support him,” said House Majority Leader Dana Young.

"As Governor, Jeb Bush set the standard against which all other conservatives in Florida have been measured. He never backed away from a fight and always stayed true to his principles regardless of the consequences. Jeb Bush represents the kind of courageous, principled leadership our nation will need to overcome the challenges we face at home and around the world,” said Representative Richard Corcoran, Speaker designate 2016-2018. 

"While Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida, our unemployment rate fell, our bond rating jumped to AAA, student achievement rates rose, and businesses in our state were prosperous. Jeb's leadership, vision, and devotion are second to none and I'm proud to support his candidacy,” said Representative Jose Oliva. 

Florida House Republicans Supporting Jeb Bush
Speaker of the Florida House Steve Crisafulli
House Majority Leader Dana Young
House Majority Whip Jim Boyd
Speaker Designate Richard Corcoran
Representative Janet Adkins
Representative Ben Albritton
Representative Frank Artiles
Representative Dennis Baxley
Representative Michael Bileca
Representative Jason Brodeur
Representative Doug Broxson
Representative Colleen Burton
Representative Bob Cortes
Representative Fred Costello
Representative Travis Cummings
Representative José Félix Díaz
Representative Manny Diaz, Jr.
Representative Brad Drake
Representative Eric Eisnaugle
Representative Heather Fitzenhagen
Representative Erik Fresen
Representative Matt Gaetz
Representative James Grant
Representative Bill Hager
Representative Gayle Harrell
Representative Clay Ingram
Representative Chris Latvala
Representative Larry Metz
Representative George Moraitis
Representative Jose Oliva [Speaker for 2018-2020]
Representative Kathleen Peters
Representative Cary Pigman
Representative Holly Raschein
Representative Ken Roberson
Representative Ray Rodrigues
Representative David Santiago
Representative Jimmie T. Smith
Representative Chris Sprowls
Representative Charlie Stone
Representative Carlos Trujillo
Representative Jay Trumbull
Representative Ritch Workman