October 16, 2015

Jeb is First GOP Candidate to Organize Full Delegate Slate in Tennessee

Jeb has organized a 57-Person slate of delegates in Tennessee, making him the first GOP candidate to organize a full slate of delegates, and showing organizational muscle and momentum in an extremely important March 1 state.

The full slate is below and on Jeb2016.com, and is headlined by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and former Economic Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty. 

“I am honored to support Jeb Bush for President and am impressed with his detailed policy agenda to reform Washington,” former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said. “His ideas on reforming the tax code, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and rolling back the regulatory regime installed by the Obama Administration will drastically improve our economy. Jeb has the most serious policy agenda in the field and will make a great president.”

“Jeb has a plan to flatten and simplify the tax code, which will create millions of new jobs. He will unleash American innovation through his regulatory reform agenda. He has the right ideas on embracing an American energy revolution which will benefit every American family and business. We need a president with a proven record of implementing conservative reforms, and Jeb Bush is that candidate,” former Economic Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty said. 

“Organizing a presidential campaign in Tennessee is tougher than in some other places, and this shows enthusiasm and momentum for Jeb Bush in one of the important ‘SEC primary’ states,” said Jeb! 2016 Senior Advisor Tom Ingram. “This campaign is systematically organizing across the country, doing the hard work required to get on ballots and ultimately put together an organization that can win a primary and deliver the White House. This is the latest example of a campaign that is pulling the right levers in ground-level organizing.”

Jeb! 2016 Delegate Slate

Congressional District 1
Paul Chapman
David Golden
Alan Levine
Alicia Mumpower
John Smyth
Congressional District 2
Jane Gamble Chedester
Hobart Rice
Susan Richardson Williams
Congressional District 3
Peter Avisto
Robert C. Divine
Jim Frierson
Michael Lebovitz
Hayes Ledford
Congressional District 4
Adam Coggin
Mike Greene
Dr. Richard (Nate) Schott
Congressional District 5
Former ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty
Chrissy Hagerty
Joseph Williams
Congressional District 6
Greg Butcher
Jon Moffett
Jessica Dickenson Stephens
Tommy Whittaker
Dan Wright
Sharon Qualls York
Congressional District 7
Patrick Baggett
Mary Kate Brown
Katherine Carrigan
Philip Graham
Dr. Ray White
Congressional District 8  
Paul Boyd
Garrett Dorris
Steve Maroney
Dustin Summers
Becky West
Congressional District 9
Kelly Gilmer
John Golwen
Benjamin Orgel
Barbara Thornton
At Large       
Susie Alcorn
Thomas Bottorff
Commissioner Randy Boyd
Josh Brown
Nathan Buttrey
Senator Bill Frist
Christi Gibbs
John M. Gillespie
Brenda Graham
Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill
David Howard
Julia Hurley
Beverly Wheeler Johnson
Larry Kidwell
Tony Roberts
Steve Smith
Chris Walker
State Representative Mark White