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November 2013
Fri. Nov. 1

Sat. Nov. 2

Sun. Nov. 3

Mon. Nov. 4

Tues. Nov. 5 Elections in VA and NJ: Reactions.
   VA Gov. T.McAuliffe (D) defeats K.Cuccinelli (R), and R.Sarvis (L)
   NJ Gov. C.Christie (R) defeats B.Buono (D), S. Welzer (G), and K.Kaplan (L).

Wed. Nov. 6

Thurs. Nov. 7

Fri. Nov. 8

Sat. Nov. 9

Sun. Nov. 10

Mon. Nov. 11

Tues. Nov. 12

Wed. Nov. 13

Thurs. Nov. 14

Fri. Nov. 15

Sat. Nov. 16

Sun. Nov. 17

Mon. Nov. 18

Tues. Nov. 19 Sentinel HC issues UNINTIMIDATED: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge, by Gov. Scott Walker and Marc Thiessen.

Wed. Nov. 20

Thurs. Nov. 21 Gov. Chris Christie assumes chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association.

Fri. Nov. 22

Sat. Nov. 23

Sun. Nov. 24

Mon. Nov. 25

Tues. Nov. 26 Treasury, IRS propose to amend regulations so that 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations cannot engage in "candidate-related political activity."  [release]

Wed. Nov. 27

Thurs. Nov. 28

Fri. Nov. 29

Sat. Nov. 30

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