Denver 2016 Host Committee, Inc.

"Denver RNC FINAL" +
6:34 video from Feb. 23, 2014.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: Hi, I'm John Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado. 

Mayor Michael Hancock: And I'm Michael Hancock, mayor of Denver. 

Together, we'd like to invite the 2016 Republican National Convention to the mile-high city.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: And as I'm sure you may know, I was mayor of Denver in 2008 when the city hosted the Democratic National Convention.

Mayor Michael Hancock: At that time I was president of the Denver City Council.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: We worked together as a team, hand in glove, to make sure that that was one of the most successful political conventions in political history.

Mayor Michael Hancock: We know the amount of work, coordination and collaboration an event like this takes.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: And we are here to pledge that same level of commitment to the RNC in 2016.

Mayor Michael Hancock: You know, governor, Denver has experienced a lot of changes since 2008.  There are 4,000 new hotel rooms and three new downtown art museums.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: And by the time your convention meets here in 2016, we will offer direct rail service between Denver International Airport and downtown's Union Station.

Mayor Michael Hancock: One thing is the same.  We still have the most amazing summer climate in the nation.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: Yeah, we don't share this with too many people, but as awesome as our winters are, our summers are even more spectacular.  But let's just keep that between us.

Mayor Michael Hancock: Don't forget about our Rocky Mountain views, our 16th Street Mall, and our world class microbrews.

Gov. John Hickenlooper: Now in a second we're going to give you a slew of reasons why you should select Denver, but remember this too.  Colorado as a state is equally divided among Rs, Ds and Us; one-third across the board.  We like all parties.  Now here are several reasons why you should select Denver.

* * *

        TEXT: Accessibility

Female Announcer: Denver International Airport is the fifth busiest in the U.S. with more than 1,600 daily flights serving more than 180 worldwide destinations.  Denver is centrally located, so travel is convenient from anywhere in America.  By 2016 Denver will have fast, economical rail service from the airport to downtown.

        TEXT: Weather

Female Announcer: Denver has 300 days of sunshine a year.  In spring and summer the city has warm, dry days and pleasant, cool evenings.  In June and July the average daytime high is in the 80s with next to no humidity.

        TEXT: Hotel Rooms & Shuttling

Female Announcer: Denver has a clean, safe, walkable downtown served by 9,300 hotel rooms, all just a short walk to the Pepsi Center, where the convention will be held.  Throughout the city there are 45,000 rooms in convenient clusters for quick, easy transportation to downtown.  In 2008 no delegate was more than 30 minutes from the convention facilities.

        TEXT: Experience

Female Announcer: Denver is known for hosting big events and being on the world stage, including the Pope's World Youth Day, the Summit of the Eight, NBA, NHL and baseball All-Star games, the 2008 DNC and 2012 presidential debate.  The RNC will have access to the same convention bureau, the same hotels, and the same faciliites that hosted the DNC, and they're all committed to making this conventon even better.  Lots of cities say they can do it.  In Denver we've done it.

        TEXT: Dining and Offsite Venues

Female Announcer: With James Beard award winners and Top Chef finalists Denver is building a national reputation for fine dining and chef owned restaurants, the vast majority of which are in the downtown core within easy walking distance of hotels and the Pepsi Center.  Denver also has more than 400 venues for hosting private events, including world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Pinnacle Club, with views of the Rockies that stretch 150 miles.

        TEXT: Diverse Denver

Female Announcer: Denver is one of America's youngest cities, and one of the fastest growing.  In the 90's Denver grew by a thousand people a week.  Today, a third of Denver is Hispanic and consistently places among the top three cities for the number of college graduates.  Denver residents are also rated the healthest and most active in the nation.

        TEXT: The Whole Package

Female Announcer: Denver is a young, active city—an ideal destination for delegates and their families.  It's filled with attractions but not distractions.  It's a sophisticated city packed with art museums, theater, opera, live music and an abundance of fine dining options, not to mention seven professional sports teams.  We will encourage delegates and their families to come in early and stay after the convention.  Located at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Denver is just a short drive from one of the world's great playgrounds, with river rafting, hiking, horse-back riding, national parks, spas and luxurious world-famous resorts.  Denver has quickly become a major convention destination and has all the key attributes to make the 2016 RNC the very best.

* * *

Former RNC Chair Jim Nicholson: Hi, I'm Jim Nicholson, former RNC chairman.  And as a former RNC chairman, I know just what it takes to put on a great convention.  I know just what you're looking for and just what you need.  Denver and Colorado have it all, and more.  I'm so proud of Denver and the team that's put together this bid, because it takes a team to host the Republican National Convention, a team of local political, business and philanthropic leaders, broad citizen support, convention professionals and service staff.  Denver has this team, and we are ready to go to work now and to host you in beautiful Denver in 2016.

Former Congressman Bob Beauprez: I'm Congressman Bob Beauprez.  Denver is known for its Western values and warm hospitality.  And as a fifth generation Coloradan with farming and ranching roots, I understand exactly what that means.  We have the facilities, the air service, the hotels, the restaurants, the ground transportation and the wonderful climate that you need for a successful convention.  More importantly, we have the people.  Denver epitomizes everything that is great in this country.  This young, enthusiastic and diverse city, grounded in tradition with an eye to the future, will create the perfect backdrop for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

* * *

Gov. John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock: We'll see you here in 2016!