Nevada Host Committee, Inc.

"Come to Las Vegas.  You Won't be disappointed" +
1:00 video from Jan. 17, 2014.


        TEXT: Las Vegas could accomodate all the attendees from the 2012 Tampa convention inside a one mile radius.
        TEXT: 150,000 total hotel rooms.

Rick Harrison, Pawn Stars: Las Vegas is my home.  And since 1989 I have seen my business and the city of Las Vegas grow up together.  I could not be prouder of both.  While Las Vegas has hosted its fair share of big events, I cannot imagine anything bigger than the 2016 Republican National Convention.  I also cannot imagine a better place for the convention than Las Vegas.  I am very confident you'll love it here.  I have made many tough sells in my day, and this is not a tough sell.  Republicans, you'll love Las Vegas and I'm very confident you'll feel very welcomed here.

        TEXT: Las Vegas is the number one convention destination in North America.
It's what we do.

Notes: This video is a bit strange.  It might work as one of a series of one-minute testimonials, and maybe it was a prototype for such a series.  The shots of Harrison speaking, taken from the side, are also odd.