Nevada Host Committee, Inc.

"Governor Brian Sandoval on Las Vegas 2016" +
2:01 video from Jan. 18, 2014.

[Music] Brian Sandoval: As Nevada's governor, I want to personally invite the RNC to Las Vegas for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Having the convention in Las Vegas will be great for our party, our candidates, and the people of Nevada.

When considering both the practical needs of a convention and its larger purpose, I believe that Las Vegas is the best possible place for our convention.

Logistically there is no event, big or small, that Nevada can't handle.  Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world.

By embracing Las Vegas in 2016, we will show the world that our party and our candidates are ready for the future, just like the party did in 1860 when it chose Chicago, another burgeoning Western city, to nominate Abraham Lincoln.

Nevadans have come from everywhere and found success in coming together.

        TEXT: 30% Hispanic population.

We are stronger because of our vibrant Hispanic, African-American and Asian communities.

        TEXT: And the fastest growing Asian population in North America.

Our party can and must appeal to everyone.

There is no better place than Las Vegas to share our party's commitment to self-determination,limited government and economic freedom for all Americans.

That is the story of America.  It is the story of tomorrow.  It is the story that our party is uniquely qualified to tell.

Thank  you for all you do for our party, and for considering Las Vegas and the great state of Nevada as the next host of the Republican National Convention.

        TEXT: Las Vegas is the number one convention destination in North America.
It's what we do.