February 11, 2016


Nevada Republican Caucus Takes Place February 23, 2016

The Nevada Republican Party is proud to host the “First in the West” caucus for GOP candidates. Nevada will be the fourth state in the nation to host a Republican Caucus or Primary to choose a Republican nominee for President of the United States. The nation will be carefully watching to see who Nevadans choose, and this caucus will play a significant role in nominating a Republican candidate for president.

Caucus Day: February 23, 2016

The Nevada Republican Caucus will take place on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. Caucuses will take place between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM PST. The start times will vary between the different counties. Caucus goers are encouraged to visitwww.nevadagopcaucus.org to learn their caucus location and start time.

· There will be more than 130 caucus locations for the more than 1700 precincts across the state. There will be caucus locations in all 17 counties in Nevada.

In order to participate in the Nevada Republican Caucus, voters must be registered as Republicans with the State of Nevada by February 13, 2016. After they are registered, voters will be able to find their caucus locations atwww.nevadagopcaucus.org using the caucus locator tool.

Caucus Timeline

Caucuses will take place between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM PST. Start times will vary based on caucus locations. Voters are encouraged to use the caucus locator tool at www.nevadagopcaucus.org to verify their start time.

Caucus meetings will begin with the election or appointment of a Caucus Chairman. After, voters will have the chance to cast their vote for a Republican nominee for president via a paper ballot. All 11 candidates who qualified for the ballot ahead of the January 8, 2016 deadline will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order by last name. Write-ins will not be permitted.

Voters will have the option to fill out their ballot and depart their caucus location. Voters are however encouraged to stay and vote for their precinct delegate who will represent their precinct at their county convention in the spring of 2016.

Military Ballots

The Nevada Republican Party is allowing for military personnel, their dependents and disabled veterans to request an absentee ballot for the presidential preference poll being conducted at the 2016 Nevada Caucus. Members of the Military and Veterans can apply for a ballot by visitingwww.nevadagopcaucus.org.
Military ballots must be returned to the county party by 5:00PM on February 22, 2016.

Caucus Training

The Nevada State Party, County Parties and campaigns are all holding caucus trainings in all 17 counties across the state. The Nevada State Republican Party on average is hosting 4-5 caucus trainings each week leading up to Caucus Day. Anyone interested is welcome to attend caucus trainings and can learn more about dates by visiting www.nevadagopcaucus.org.

Delegates to Convention

The State of Nevada will have 30 Delegates at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. These delegates will be awarded proportionally based on the results of the presidential preference poll conducted on Caucus Day.

· A candidate must receive 3.33% of the statewide preference poll vote conducted at the caucus to earn a delegate to the National Convention.
Each precinct will have the opportunity to elect delegates to county convention during the Caucus on February 23, 2016. Those delegates will go on to county convention, where they will elect delegates to represent their counties at the state convention. The State convention will elect delegates to represent Nevada at the Republican National Convention.

· The Nevada State Chair, Republican National Committeeman and Republican National Committeewoman are assigned as automatic delegates to the Republican National Convention.