Indiana's delegates were chosen by party leaders before the May 3, 2016 primary:

Sat., April 9, 2016 - District Delegates: In each of the nine congressional districts, district chairs, district vice chairs and county chairs, who are elected to their positions by the voters in the congressional district and county, selected the district delegates.

Wed. April 13, 2016 - At-Large Delegates: The state committee, which consists of the district chairs and vice chairs, selected the at-large delegates.

For both type of delegates, the State Committee and District Chairs/Vice Chairs considered the applicant’s involvement in the party, if they are a registered voter, if they have any political experience, and if they are in good standing with the Republican Party.  At no time was any applicant asked who they plan to vote for in our primary.

Delegate list released by the Indiana Republican Party on April 14, 2016:

• Automatic delegates: Jeff Cardwell, Marsha Coats and John Hammond.

• At-large delegates: Jim Bopp, Josh Claybourn, Bill Davis, Daniel Dumezich, Rex Early, Dennis Flynn, Samuel Frain, Anne Hathaway, Eric Holcomb, Erin Houchin, Tom John, Howard Kenley III, David Lasco, Thomas Longest, Josh Marshall, Michael McDaniel, Frederic Mills, Kelly Mitchell, Michael Murphy, Matthew Morgan, Denise Pence, Melissa Proffitt, Todd Rokita, Edwin Simcox, Curt Smith, Paul Eric Turner and Thomas Wheeler II.

• Congressional District 1 delegates: Dan Dernulc, Rebecca Holwerda and James Snyder.

• Congressional District 2 delegates: Larry Garatoni, Carol McDowell and Rudy Yakum.

• Congressional District 3 delegates: Kyle Babcock, Travis Holdman, and Barbara Krisher.

• Congressional District 4 delegates: Craig Dunn, Barbara Knochel and Connie Lawson.

• Congressional District 5 delegates: James Brainard, David Brooks and Kyle Hupfer.

• Congressional District 6 delegates: Tara Armstrong, Randy Frye and John Meredith.

• Congressional District 7 delegates:  Patricia Miller, Jennifer Ping and Jefferson Shreve.

• Congressional District 8 delegates: Brenda Goff, Rick Martin and William Springer.

• Congressional District 9 delegates: Beth Boyce, Eric Koch and Jamey Noel.