First Congressional District Delegates
Rep. Ellie Espling, New Gloucester
Governor Paul LePage, Augusta
Eric Lusk, Harpswell

Second Congressional District Delegates
Stacey Guerin, Glenburn
Garrett Mason, Lisbon Falls
Earl Bierman, Sorrento

First Congressional District Alternates
Christian Bishop, Litchfield
Dianne Caffyn, Canaan
Esther Newendyke, Litchfield

Second Congressional District Alternates
John Carson, Kittery
Sydney Dunlap, Scarborough
Josh Filler, Falmouth

At-Large Delegates
Eric Brakey, Auburn
Dale Crafts, Lisbon Falls
Joel Stetkis, Canaan
MaryAnne Kinney, Knox
Jennifer Newendyke, Litchfield
Laura Parker, Sidney
Keith Hilton, South Gardiner
Donna Hopkins, Belmont
Isaiah Lary, Wales
Joshua Spooner, Topsham
Margery Ripley, South Paris
Thomas Caffyn, Canaan
Angela Conley, South Berwick
Howard Quynn, Kingfield
At-Large Alternates
Joseph Guerin, Glenburn
Ann LePage, Augusta
David Corbett, Lyman
Peter Bohman, North Monmouth
William Faulkingham, Winter Harbor
Lee Ellingwood, Paris
Kenneth Conley, South Berwick
Sylvia Corbett, Lyman
Wendy Turner, Buckfield
Marji Hilton, South Gardiner
Laura Quynn, Kingfield
Nathaniel Dunlap, Cumberland
Stephen Hopkins, Belmont
Jeffrey Whalen, Dedham

Vote totals for At-Large National Delegate and Alternate
Vote totals for the Congressional District National Delegate and Alternate:

DelegateFirst Congressional District
280 Rep. Ellie Espling
221 Governor Paul LePage
185 Eric Lusk
154 Joshua Dunlap
103 John Carson
53 Barbara Harvey
45 Ann Robinson
43 Kim Pettengill
19 Julie Sheehan
18 Matt Mattingly
15 Gordon Draper
14 Cindy Nesbit
8 Margi Kyle

Alternate – First Congressional District
187 John Carson
179 Sydney Dunlap
162 Joshua Filler
120 Brad Littlefield
112 Barbara Harvey
110 Meredith Strang Burgess
99 Matthew Harrington
76 Robert Knapp
60 Kim Pettengill
51 Gordon Draper
37 Sheila Corey
30 Halsey Frank
23 Matt Mattingly
22 Cindy Nesbit
22 Julie Sheean
14 Dave Savage
12 Margi Kyle

DelegateSecond Congressional District
380 Rep. Stacey Guerin
367 Sen. Garrett Mason
289 Leonard Earl Bierman
157 Sen. Michael Willette
79 Lee Jackson
61 Sen. Andre Cushing
52 Dave Gulya
39 Abigail Bennett
29 Sen. David Burns
27 Terry Hamm-Morris
23 Adam Gonzalez
21 Harold Stewart III
20 Maureen Gonzalez
18 Peter Laverdiere
17 Michael Marcotte
16 Susan Pope
14 James Riley Jr.
13 Matthew Acheson
11 Blake Morey
8 Esther O'Brien Nolan
4 Wesley Kinney

Alternate – First Congressional District
313 Christian Bishop
313 Dianne Caffyn
285 Esther Newendyke
159 Walter Whitcomb
132 Joseph Guerin
116 Andre Cushing
106 Michael Willette
88 David Gulya
64 Abigail Bennett
42 Dave Burns
37 Linda Wooten
28 Jay Riley
24 Mike Marcotte
20 David Edsall
19 Adam Gonzalez
16 Esther O'Brien Nolan
14 Michael Acheson
13 Blake Morey

April 25, 2016
Contact: Jason Savage

Maine GOP Discovers Delegate Election Error Affecting One National Delegate Position From Maine

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party today announced that a tabulation error in the National Delegate election for Maine’s First Congressional District has been discovered, affecting one of the twenty delegates who will be sent to Cleveland, Ohio, for the Republican National Convention in July.

The tabulation error, which was discovered and flagged almost simultaneously by both the Maine GOP and National Delegate Candidate Joshua Dunlap, of Scarborough, results in Rep. Ellie Espling being awarded the National Delegate spot, replacing Mr. Dunlap.

“Rep. Espling’s vote tabulation in our First Congressional District delegate election was incorrect, in what appears to have been a human error where someone erased the formula in her totals cell, preventing her totals from being added,” said Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage. “We regret that this error occurred, but, due to a exhaustive review of the totals, we are confident this sheet was the only place where this situation occurred.”

“I can’t say enough about the integrity of Joshua Dunlap,” said Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett. “To flag this error, even knowing it would affect his place as a National Delegate, sets the gold-standard for how all Republicans should conduct themselves. Mr. Dunlap took clear, aggressive steps to make sure the right thing was done, even as we were working to review all the results and notify him.”

“With all the talk about ensuring honesty in the Presidential delegate election process, Joshua Dunlap just set the greatest example we could ever find,” said Mr. Bennett. “I am grateful to Joshua for his honesty. Integrity like his deserves the highest recognition we can provide.”

“It is important to me, as a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz and as a part of the Maine4Cruz team, to ensure that the delegate selection process is fair and accurate. In this case, I saw that there had been an inadvertent tabulation error and reported it. Though I am disappointed that I cannot serve as a delegate to the national convention, I am sure that Senator Cruz would not want it any other way,” said Joshua Dunlap. “The Maine4Cruz team believes it is essential, not only as supporters of Senator Cruz but also as Republicans, that we carefully follow the rules of this process and set a standard of integrity. Stepping aside to allow Representative Espling, the rightful winner, to serve as delegate is part of that. I am confident that she will represent Maine Republicans well.”

As a result of the correction of this tabulation error, Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett has announced that the three delegates Maine sends from the First Congressional District will be: Rep. Ellie Espling, Governor Paul LePage, and Eric Lusk of Harpswell.

The 2016 Maine Republican Party State Convention will be April 22-23rd at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

Note: People who were not elected as delegates to the state convention at their local caucus still have the possibility of attending as delegates, if their city/town delegation chair appoints them.

Statement from Maine GOP Chairman Richard Bennett on Maine GOP Convention Delegate Extension

Maine GOP Chairman Richard Bennett released the following statement today, in light of an extension of Maine GOP Municipal Caucus and Convention Delegate deadlines:

“In light of delays in a significant number of municipal caucus kits being submitted to Maine GOP, we are extending the deadline for return of municipal caucus kits and acceptance of new delegates to the Maine GOP convention through March 26, 2016.

Municipal caucus kits must be received at Maine GOP Headquarters by March 26, 2016 at 6 pm.

Office hours at Maine GOP HQ will be 9 am through 6 pm on March 26, 2016.

Any Maine GOP Convention Delegation Chairs wishing to add new delegates or alternates to their delegation must submit, via email to, or in writing to Maine GOP HQ, a list of new delegates and alternates no later than 6 pm On March 26, 2016.

Additionally, a partial list of Delegation Chairs will be published at on Monday, March 21 to provide information to any Maine Republican who wishes to attend the convention the opportunity to do so.”

All written correspondence to Maine GOP HQ should be sent to:

Maine Republican Party
9 Higgins Street
Augusta, ME 04330

Convention Delegation Chairs may submit new delegate and alternate names via email by sending to no later than March 26, 2016 at 6 pm.