May 15, 2016

Nevada Delegation to the 2016 Republican National Convention

Chairman of the Nevada Delegation
Chairman Michael J. McDonald

RNC Members
Chairman Michael J. McDonald
National Committeewoman Diana Orrock
National Committeeman Lee Hoffman

Congressional District 1
Amy Tarkanian
Sharon Maloof
Noel Searles

Alternates from Congressional District 1
Kathryn Njus
Jo McDonald
Robert Ruppert

Congressional District 2
Adam Laxalt
Jim DeGraffenreid
Joshua Fontenot

Alternates for Congressional District 2
Eileen Rice
John Carey
Gwen Linde

Congressional District 3
Robert Tyree
Jordan Ross
Andrew Marone

Alternates for Congressional District 3
Linda Bronstein
Robert Grotz
Carolyn Harris

Congressional District 4
George Assad
Angela Bellow
Joseph Burdzinski

Alternates for Congressional District 4
Terry Svejda
Leo Blundo
Stavros Anthony

At Large Delegates
Caroline Smith
Ron Knecht
Maureen Karas
Ryder Haag
Don Gustavson
Baron Strauss
Juanita Cox
Breck Greninger
Jesse Law
Carl Bunce
Patty Cafferata
Staci Grunewald
Christine DeCorte
Eddie Hamilton
Sherry Powell

Alternates for the At Large Delegates
Zarquis Garcia
Kerrylee McDonald
Gary Crow
Richard Blain
Janet Freixas
Carol DeCarlo
Bonnie Weber
Karen England
Don Voss
Richard Bunce
Michael Dillon
Harriet Newman
Mike Weber
Daniel Schwartz
Erin Philips

Fact Sheet:

Nevada Republican Delegates

Nevada Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio will be elected at the Nevada State Convention on May 14th and 15th, 2016. In order to be elected as a delegate or alternate to the Republican National Convention, a nominee must be self-nominated and a delegate to the Nevada State Convention. Delegates must have previously attended and been elected as delegates at the precinct meetings during the Nevada Republican Caucus, as well as their county convention, in order to qualify as a state delegate.

  • · Delegates to the State Convention will elect Nevada’s delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention. Nevada will send a total of 30 delegates to the Republican National Convention. There will be three national delegates and alternates elected for each Congressional District and an additional 15 at-large national delegates and alternates elected. The Nevada State Chairman, Republican National Committeeman and Republican National Committeewoman are automatic delegates. These three automatic delegates are also bound by the results of the presidential preference poll.

Delegate Allocation

Delegates will be bound for the first-round of votes at the Republican National Convention based on the results of the presidential preference poll from the Nevada Republican Caucus on February 23, 2016. The delegate allocation following the presidential preference poll during the Nevada Republican Caucus is as follows:

Trump 14
Rubio 7
Cruz 6
Carson 2
Kasich 1

If a candidate suspends or ends their campaign prior to the Nevada State Convention they may choose to affirm the binding of their delegates at the Republican National Convention, release their delegates to become unbound, or have their delegates proportionally reallocated based on the results of the presidential preference poll on February 23. The Nevada Republican Secretary contacted each Presidential Candidate or campaign 30 days prior to the Nevada Republican State Convention.

  • Dr. Ben Carson chose to release the binding obligation of his two delegates. All other candidates who received delegates following the presidential preference poll on February 23, 2016 have opted to affirm the binding of their delegates.

Assignment of National Delegates and Alternates

The Nevada Republican Party Secretary will assign each National Delegate an obligation to vote for a particular Presidential Candidate (binding). Delegates will be allocated to the candidate of their choice by first allocating the three automatic delegates. The Secretary will next allocate the three delegates from each congressional district based on the percentage of the vote each delegate received among all Congressional District Delegates, beginning with the highest percentage of the votes cast. The Secretary will then allocate the remaining delegates for each candidate, beginning with the preference of the at-large national delegate with the highest votes and in descending order.

Nevada State Republican Convention
May 13-15, 2016
Reno/Sparks Convention Center, Reno, NV

Friday, May 13

Platform Committee Meeting – Atlantis Paradise A
Parliamentary Procedures Workshop – RSCVA A7-A8
Rural Caucus Meeting – RSCVA A7-A8
Resolutions Committee Meeting – Atlantis TBD
Rules Committee Meeting – Atlantis Treasures C/D
By-Laws Committee Meeting – Atlantis Treasures A/B

Registration – RSCVA Lobby Area

Deadline for Committee Reports

Boots and Rhinestones Congressional Ball Atlantis Grand Ballroom

Saturday, May 14

Continental breakfast – RSCVA A7-A9

Registration – RSCVA Lobby Area

Call to Order

  •   Invocation

  •   Presentation of Colors

  •   Pledge of Allegiance

  •   National Anthem

  •   Welcome Remarks from Chairman

  •   Appointment of Temporary Convention Officers

  •   Initial Credentials Committee Report

  •   Declaration of a Quorum

  •   Election of Permanent Convention Officers

  •   Adoption of the Permanent Convention Rules

  •   Adoption of the Permanent Convention Agenda

  •   Presentation of the Nominating Committee Report

  •   1st Supplemental Credentials Committee Report

  •   Deadline for self-nomination 15 minutes after adoption of the 1st Supplemental Credentials Committee Report.

  •   Nomination and Election of National Committeewoman

  •   Nomination and Election of National Committeeman

Lunch – on your own RSCVA Food Court/Atlantis

Convention Called Back Into Order

 Election of Presidential Electors
 Election of At-Large National Delegates and Alternates

Breakout Sessions - Congressional Districts

CD 2 Main Convention Hall
CD 3 RSCVA F2/F3/F6/F7

  •   Election of Congressional District National Delegate and Alternates

  •   Endorsement votes for CD specific candidates 

  • Reconvene in main hall

     Endorsement votes – multidistrict candidates 

  •  Announcements

  •  Recess

    Cocktail reception – RSCVA “A” Rooms

    Continental breakfast – RSCVA A7-A9

    Sunday, May 14

  • Call to Order

     Invocation
     Presentation of Colors
     Pledge of Allegiance
     National Anthem
     Supplemental Credentials Committee Report

    Election of NRCC members
    Presentation of Bylaws report/Adopt Bylaws changes
    Presentation of the Resolutions Committee report/Adopt Resolutions Presentation of the Platform Committee report/Adopt Platform