April 26, 2016
Contact: Pat Garrett

WISGOP Releases 2016 Delegates and Alternates

[Madison, Wis]—The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the full list of delegates that will be attending the 2016 National Convention in Cleveland.

WisGOP Chairman Brad Courtney Released the following statement on the upcoming convention:

“Wisconsin Republicans are unified, engaged and excited to put a real leader in the White House in 2016. Any one of our candidates will present a clear alternative to scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton and the Washington status-quo she has spent years fighting to protect.”

The At-Large Delegates are listed below:


Delegate Brad Courtney
Delegate Steve King
Delegate Mary Buestrin
Delegate Gov. Scott Walker
Delegate First Lady Tonette Walker
Delegate Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch
Delegate Atty. Gen. Brad Schimel
Delegate Tom Schreibel
Delegate Bill Johnson
Delegate Mike Jones
Delegate Kim Bliss
Delegate Rep. Robin Vos
Delegate Michael Grebe
Delegate Sen. Duey Stroebel
Delegate Rep. Dean Knudson
Delegate Gov. Tommy G. Thompson
Delegate Charlotte Rasmussen
Delegate Candee Arndt

Alternate Sen. Alberta Darling
Alternate Sen. Mary Lazich
Alternate Rep. John Nygren
Alternate Rep. Jim Steineke
Alternate Rep. Tyler August
Alternate Gov. Scott McCallum
Alternate Crystal Berg
Alternate Katie McCallum
Alternate Gerard Randall
Alternate Rep. Mark Green
Alternate David Karst
Alternate Jim Villa
Alternate Keith Gilkes
Alternate Stephan Thompson
Alternate Ginny Marschman

Below are the district delegates released following District Caucuses:

1st Congressional District
Delegate Bryan Steil
Delegate Rose Ann Dieck
Delegate Bill Jaeck
Alternate Jonathan Steitz
Alternate Bill Folk
Alternate Gene Hainault

2nd Congressional District
Delegate Scott Grabins
Delegate Sen. Howard Marklein
Delegate Roger Stauter
Alternate David Blaska
Alternate Nora Gard
Alternate Phil Prange

3rd Congressional District
Delegate Brian Westrate
Delegate Julian Bradley
Delegate Scott Colburn
Alternate Maripat Krueger
Alternate Kathryn Heitman
Alternate Charlie Krueger

4th Congressional District
Delegate Bob Spindell
Delegate Laurie Wolf
Delegate Patty Rieman
Alternate Doug Haag
Alternate Andrew Davis
Alternate John Savage

5th Congressional District
Delegate James Geldrich
Delegate Kathy Kiernan
Delegate John Macy
Alternate Keith Best
Alternate Grace Degnar
Alternate Jim Schildbach

6th Congressional District
Delegate Don Zimmer
Delegate Rep. Paul Tittl
Delegate Jane Katzauer
Alternate Rohn Bishop
Alternate Lillian Nolan
Alternate Sridhar Vasudevan

7th Congressional District
Delegate Jim Miller
Delegate Jesse Garza
Delegate Rep. Adam Jarchow
Alternate Paul Wharton
Alternate Lonnie Kennell
Alternate Pam Travis

8th Congressional District
Delegate Jerome Murphy
Delegate Barb Finger
Delegate Kelly Ruh
Alternate Jeff Schoenfeldt
Alternate Patti Schick
Alternate Tom Schumacher