Press Release
February 03, 2016


Feb. 3, 2016 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont are confirmed to debate one-on-one for the first time in the MSNBC Democratic Candidates Debate on Thursday, February 4, just five days before Granite State voters go to the polls.
The DNC-sanctioned event upholds the longstanding tradition of a post-Iowa debate in New Hampshire and will be the presidential candidates’ only face-to-face meeting following the Iowa caucuses and before the first-in-the-nation primary.
Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press” and host of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” and Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” will moderate the debate live from 9-11 p.m. ET at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.
The debate will air live on MSNBC and stream live online at and Follow @MSNBC on social media and join the conversation online with the hashtag #DemDebate.
Debate night coverage kicks off at 7 p.m. ET with a special edition of “Hardball with Chris Matthews” followed by an 8 p.m. ET pre-show anchored by Brian Williams. Matthews will anchor post-debate coverage and analysis beginning at 11 p.m. ET live from the spin room.
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Democratic National Committee

February 3, 2016 

Contact: DNC Press Office


DNC Statement on #DemDebate Schedule


WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement:

“I'm pleased to share exciting news on behalf of our two candidates. As with our previous debates, town halls and forums, voters will have several more opportunities to see them share their vision for how to build on 7 years of progress and keep America moving forward. Our Democratic candidates have asked the DNC to sanction and manage additional debates in our primary schedule, including one this week in New Hampshire ahead of the First in the Nation primary, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Having our candidates in agreement on their desire to add debates to our sanctioned schedule, the DNC has sanctioned an MSNBC debate on February 4th at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. 

“The candidates have also agreed to participate in three newly scheduled DNC sanctioned debates to be held in addition to the February 11th PBS News Hour, and March 9th Univision debates already planned. The first of these new debates is confirmed to take place in Flint, Michigan on March 6th, with the remaining two taking place in April and May with times and locations to be determined. We will continue to work closely with both campaigns as we finalize the remaining details. 

“Our debates have set viewership records because of our candidates’ ideas, energy, and the strength of their vision to build on the progress we’ve made over the last seven years. We look forward to seeing them continuing to share Democrats' vision for the country.”
New Hampshire Democratic Party

NHDP Chair on the Addition of a Democratic Debate in New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, the DNC released the addition of a Democratic presidential debate between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. The following is a statement from New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley:
“We’re thrilled to be a co-host of the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate this week. It’s been an exciting campaign here in the Granite State already and we couldn’t be more excited to have another chance to host the candidates before our First-in-the-Nation primary.
“I’m pleased that the two campaigns, NBC, and the party were able to reach this agreement. I want to thank DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her work brokering this compromise. There are many who deserve credit for this agreement and the New Hampshire Democratic Party is pleased to have had a role in the effort that will benefit our candidates, our party, and, most of all, the voters of New Hampshire and across the country. We’re excited to help co-host this debate because we know that whoever our Democratic nominee is will win in November along with Democrats up and down the ballot.”
“We have incredible Democratic candidates running for president and Wednesday’s CNN town hall along with Thursday’s scheduled MSNBC Debate and Friday’s historic NHDP McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Celebration broadcast live on NH1 News and C-Span just days before the New Hampshire Primary provide three great opportunities for voters in New Hampshire and around the country to hear our candidates' plans to build on the progress we’ve made over the last seven years.”


Hillary for America
January 30, 2016

Statement from John Podesta on Democratic Debates

Hillary for America Chair John Podesta released the following statement Saturday evening on Democratic primary debates:
“There is nothing worse than a debate about debates. From our perspective, this is pretty simple.  The people of New Hampshire wanted a debate. We said Secretary Clinton would be there. The Sanders campaign said their candidate would only come if we agreed to three additional debates, one each in March, April, and May. We agreed to that. The Sanders campaign further asked that these debates not take place on weekends or holidays. We agreed to that as well, and offered date windows accordingly. The Sanders campaign proposal has been met in all respects. Now they refuse to take yes for an answer, apparently because they are intent on avoiding a debate in New Hampshire. Enough of the games. We are prepared to show up for a debate next Thursday and for three additional debates in the months ahead, which we can all work together to schedule. We hope Senator Sanders will be there too. If the Sanders campaign decides to reject the debate next week, we’ll let them answer to the voters of New Hampshire.
“One additional note. We made the modest suggestion that one of the three additional debates take place in Flint, Michigan, to shine a spotlight on what’s happening there and in places like Flint around the country. The Sanders campaign never responded. We’re not sure why, but if they’d rather not debate in Flint, we’re certainly willing to mutually agree on three other locations.”

Bernie 2016
January 30, 2016
Contact: Michael Briggs

Sanders Campaign Statement on Debates

DES MOINES, Iowa – Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, issued the following statement Saturday on negotiations over additional debates:

"After refusing for months to participate in more debates, Secretary Clinton requested that the Democratic National Committee rules be changed and that a new debate take place in New Hampshire next week. We agreed pending an agreement on three future debates in March, April and May. Unfortunately, the Clinton campaign has not accepted debates we proposed on March 3 in Michigan and April 14 in New York. They apparently agreed to May 24 in California. The Clinton campaign, after not accepting Michigan, now says they want it. We are pleased to do it on March 3 before the Michigan primary provided the Clinton campaign will agree to Brooklyn, New York, on April 14. Why won't they debate in Brooklyn? What's the matter with Brooklyn?"

Bernie 2016
January 28, 2016
Contact: Michael Briggs

Will Clinton Agree to More Debates?

OTTUMWA, Iowa – Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Thursday renewed its proposal for additional debates sponsored by the Democratic National Committee and urged Hillary Clinton’s campaign to work with the DNC to schedule the debates.

Sanders’ campaign renewed its request for the national party to schedule the additional debates in March, April and May. The debates must involve all three candidates and must not be held on Fridays, Saturdays or holiday weekends. Sanders looks forward to participating in a Feb. 4 debate in New Hampshire if Secretary Clinton and former Gov. Martin O’Malley agree beforehand to the three post-New Hampshire debates.

“The proposal is simple and straightforward. Bernie Sanders wants more debates. We hope the Clinton campaign does too. We urge the DNC to work with all three campaigns to set a schedule for debates that will help Democrats make an informed choice about who their presidential nominee should be,” said Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman.