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Reactions to Flynn Guilty Plea Dec. 1, 2017

American for Limited Government

Flynn had no reason to lie about speaking to the Russian ambassador

Dec. 1, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's guilty plea to lying to federal investigators about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak in Dec. 2016:

"It would have been irresponsible for then-incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn not to have spoken in Dec. 2016 with the Russian ambassador about sanctions and other urgent matters between the U.S. and Russia. At that point, both Russian and U.S. air forces were both patrolling the war zone in Syria, a potential flashpoint for conflict and war. In the campaign, Hillary Clinton had advocated in favor of enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria enforced by the U.S., risking open war with Russia.

"The Trump transition, after the election was won, had a duty to engage with Russia and to gauge their response to sanctions and more broadly the posture the U.S. was taking, and if the net result is there was no further escalation by Russia in response, they did everyone a favor and potentially averted a wider conflict or even a war.

"The incoming president after an election and his transition team have every right and it is expected that they make contact with foreign governments in preparation of putting the administration's foreign policy into place. This leads to a smooth transition, protects national security and keeps the American people safe by sending clear signals to foreign powers about the intentions of the incoming president.

"The bottom line is Flynn should never have lied to the then-Vice President Elect and then to federal investigators about something that was well within the scope of his duties. Flynn had not only not done anything wrong by talking with the Russians, he may in fact have diffused a potential escalation and war between the world's top nuclear powers. That was something to be proud of, not to hide."

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner

Statement of U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner on Flynn Guilty Plea

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement on the guilty plea by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn:  

“The Special Counsel’s probe has found illegal behavior stretching into the senior most levels of the White House. Mike Flynn has pled guilty to criminal conduct, while he was serving as National Security Adviser to the President of the United States, involving his contact with Russian officials. This follows the guilty plea of a Trump campaign aide; charges against a Trump campaign manager; and charges against a key aide to the Trump campaign and transition.

“This guilty plea also comes on the heels of a new report about the President’s efforts to silence the independent, bipartisan Senate investigation into ties between Trump associates and Russia. It is part of an alarming pattern in which the President has already fired the FBI Director; pressured the Attorney General and top U.S. intelligence officials to interfere with an ongoing investigation; and contemplated issuing pardons for his associates or firing the special counsel, according to numerous press reports. Members of Congress from both parties must make clear that those actions would be fundamentally unacceptable and incompatible with the rule of law.

“The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence takes seriously our responsibility to continue a thorough, bipartisan probe that follows the facts wherever they may lead.”

American Bridge 21st Century

American Bridge Statement on Former Trump NSA Flynn Pleading Guilty

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement on reports former Trump Administration National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI this morning: 

"Anyone who has been paying attention to this scandal knows full well that lying to the FBI was likely the least of Michael Flynn's problems, and legal experts are already suggesting that this means he's cooperating with the Special Counsel's investigation. That's bad news for Donald Trump, and likely explains his increasingly unhinged tweets in recent days. 

"The fact remains that this investigation is still in it's early stages. Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos are just the beginning, but ultimately everyone involved in this criminal conspiracy must be held accountable by the law. That includes the President himself, his family, and members of his inner circle who continue to lie to the public about their ties to Russian officials who rigged the election last year in Trump's favor. No one in the White House or who served on the campaign is above the law." 
Democratic National Committee

Tom Perez on Flynn Charges

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the Justice Department charged President Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with making false statements to the FBI:

“This time, the president can’t get away with claiming these charges aren’t about his inner circle’s contacts with Russia, and he can’t dismiss Michael Flynn as some low-level aide.  This development should serve as a clear signal to Republicans in Congress that it is time to take this investigation seriously and stop making excuses for the president’s attempts to interfere with it.  Democrats will not stand by as Trump’s enablers in Congress betray the American people, undermine our democracy, and endanger our national security. It’s time for Republicans to commit to protecting this investigation and preserving the rule of law.”