February 11, 2016 

Hillary for America Announces Arizona Leadership Council


Hillary for America announced the launch of its Arizona Leadership Council– a group of over 60 elected officials, community, and grassroots leaders who will help build a grassroots-driven volunteer team that will help Hillary Clinton win the Arizona primary on March 22nd. 


Leadership Council members share Clinton’s commitment to raising wages for the middle class, strengthening our nation’s infrastructure to create good-paying jobs, defending and enhancing the Affordable Care Act, ensuring that cost is not a barrier for students going to college, working towards a cure for Alzheimer’s and much more. You can learn more about Clinton’s agenda at https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/.

"Hillary Clinton has been a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and someone the Latino community has always been able to count on, said Congressman Ruben Gallego. “She’s a progressive who gets things done, while staying true to who she is. Latinos can count on Hillary Clinton — that’s why I’m with her."

“I’m endorsing Hillary, as she is the best candidate. She’s going to fight to bring the American dream within reach of hard-working families and individuals, said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. “She’s got the foreign policy experience and judgment, as well as the respect of world leaders. She cares deeply about issues that affect people’s lives and is going to work hard every day to make this a better country for everyone to live in, because that’s what she’s been doing her whole life. Hillary has more than a belief in change; she has a plan to make it happen. That’s why I’m supporting Hillary for president.”


“I am proud to support Hillary Clinton and to be part of her Leadership Council here in Arizona, said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, “Hillary has the experience and the values that we need. She will work tirelessly to raise wages for working Americans, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, make sure all American have access to quality affordable healthcare and so much more. I look forward to working to help elect her the next president of the United States.”

 “I am proud to be a leader of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Arizona. Throughout her career, Hillary has fought for children and families, especially those most in need of a champion, said community leader Carolyn Warner. “Her clear commitment to putting a quality education within reach for every child is what we need in the White House, and I know she is the only candidate who can achieve the real progress we need in Arizona and across the country.”


Over the course of the campaign, the Arizona Leadership Council will continue to expand.


Members of the public can sign up at https://www.hillaryclinton.com/volunteer/arizona/  to get involved and receive more information about campaign events happening in Arizona.


Joining the Hillary for Arizona Leadership Council today:

 Ruben Gallego, U.S. Representative
Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S. Representative
Gabby Giffords, Former U.S. Representative
Harry Mitchell, Former U.S. Representative
Ed Pastor, Former U.S. Representative
Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor
Jonathan Rothschild, Tucson Mayor
Katie Hobbs, State Senator
Robert Meza, State Senator
Lynne Pancrazi, State Senator
Lela Alston, State Representative
Lupe Contreras, State Representative
Diego Espinoza, State Representative
Charlene Fernandez, State Representative
Randy Friese, State Representative
Rosanna Gabaldón, State Representative
Sally Ann Gonzalez, State Representative
Jonathan Larkin, State Representative
Stefanie Mach, State Representative
Celeste Plumlee, State Representative
Rebecca Rios, State Representative
Macario Saldate, State Representative
Bruce Wheeler, State Representative
Victoria Steele, Former State Representative
Anna Tovar, Former State Senator
Terry Goddard, Former Arizona Attorney General
Delia Carlyle, Tribal Leader
Jonathan Nez, Tribal Leader
Stephen Roe Lewis, Tribal Leader
Mark Mitchell, Tempe Mayor
Kate Gallego, Phoenix Council Member
Danny Valenzuela, Phoenix Council Member
Paul Cunningham, Tucson Council Member
Richard Fimbres, Tucson Council Member
Karin Uhlich, Tucson Council Member
Liz Archuleta, Coconino County Supervisor
Lena Fowler , Coconino County Supervisor
Ramón Valadez, Pima County Supervisor
Tony Reyes, Yuma County Supervisor
Lenore Stuart, Yuma County Supervisor
Lorenzo Sierra, Avondale Council Member
Jamie Aldama, Glendale Council Member
Sam Chavira, Glendale Council Member
Dennis Kavanaugh, Mesa City Council
Corey Woods, Tempe Council Member
Lauren Kuby- Tempe City Council
Sylvia Lee, Pima Community College Board of Governors
Lawrence Robinson, Roosevelt School Board Member
Corina Madruga, Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board
Heather Macre, Central Arizona Water Conservation District
Daniel Hernandez, Sunnyside School Board Member
Luis Heredia, DNC Member
Carolyn Warner, DNC Member
Fred Duval, Business Leader
Clinton Bartlett, Community Leader
Sue Castner, Community Leader
Junelle Cavero Harnal, Community Leader
Mark Kelly, Community Leader
Jeanne Lunn, Community Leader

Jim McLaughlin, Labor Leader
Frank Piccioli, Labor Leader
Jennifer Wozniak, Labor Leader
Roman Ulman, Labor Leader
Gerald Richard, Public Safety Leader
Kanin Pruter, Student Leader