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October 16, 2015

Clinton Campaign Announces Hillary for Maine, Oklahoma, and Tennessee Leadership Councils

The Clinton Campaign announced the launch of its 2nd set of “Hillary for America Leadership Councils”– a group of over 120 of the top Maine, Oklahoma, and Tennesseeelected officials, community, coalition and grassroots leaders who will help build a grassroots-driven volunteer team that will help Hillary to win the Oklahoma andTennessee Primaries on March 1st and the Maine caucuses on March 5th, and the
These councils include recent Democratic Governors, State Legislature Leadership, party officials and community leaders who will serve as part of the in-state leadership for the campaign in their respective states, amplifying the campaign’s national voice to MN, OK, and TN families aiding the campaign with organization building, grassroots organizing events, rapid response, recruiting volunteer leaders, and identifying leaders for Get Out The Vote and Get Out The Caucus activities.

Joining the Hillary for Maine Leadership Council:

·                US Representative Chellie Pingree
·                Attorney General Janet Mills
·                Former Governor John Baldacci
·                Speaker of the House Mark Eves
·                Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond
·                Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Dawn Hill
·                State Senator Linda Valentino
·                State Senator Stan Gerzofsky
·                State Senator Anne Haskell
·                State Representative Ryan Fecteau
·                State Representative Henry Beck
·                State Representative Erik Jorgensen
·                State Representative Gay Grant
·                State Representative Matt Moonen
·                State Representative Mattie Daughtry
·                State Representative Christopher Babbidge
·                State Representative Joan Welsh
·                State Representative John Martin
·                Former Congressman Tom Allen
·                Former SBA Administrator Karen Mills
·                Former House Speaker and Senate President Libby Mitchell
·                Former Maine Democratic Party Chair Ben Grant
·                Former Maine Democratic Party Chair Victoria Murphy
·                Former Maine Democratic Party Chair Tony Buxton
·                DNC Member Maggie Allen
·                DNC Member Peggy Schaffer
·                Grassroots Volunteer Leader Katie Mae Simpson
·                Grassroots Volunteer Leader Sarah Woodard
·                Grassroots Volunteer Leader Charity West
·                Grassroots Leader Pam Fenrich
·                Community Leader Mary Erin Casale
·                Community Leader Bonnie Porta
·                Community Leader Elizabeth Hoglund
·                Community Leader Karen Harris
·                Community Leader Tim Shannon
·                Community Leader Tom Janenda
·                Community Leader Pat Peard
·                Community Leader Jill Barkley

Joining the Hillary for Oklahoma Leadership Council:

·         Senate Democratic Leader John Sparks      
·         Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Kay Floyd           
·         Representative Jason Dunnington    
·         Representative George Young 
·         Representative Emily Virgin       
·         Representative James Lockhart
·         Representative Jeannie McDaniel          
·         Former Governor of Oklahoma David Walters  
·         Former First Lady of Oklahoma Rhonda Walters   
·         Former Governor of Oklahoma George Nigh    
·         Former First Lady of Oklahoma Donna Nigh                  
·         Former Attorney General Mike Turpen   
·         Former Attorney General Robert Henry  
·         Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson          
·         Former Secretary of State Susan Savage   
·         Former Representative Laura Boyd        
·         Former Assistant State Superintendent Lisa Pryor   
·         Former Mayor of Tulsa Kathy Taylor     
·         Former Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth 
·         Former US Attorney Dan Webber    
·         Oklahoma County Democratic Party Chair Joe Hartman    
·         Vice Chair - Garvin County Democratic Party Evelyn Adams  
·         Chairman, Fifth District Democratic Party Aaron Wilder   
·         Chair of the Kay County Democratic Party Shirley Neal      
·         Tulsa County Democratic Party Chair Jo Glenn              
·         Grassroots Volunteer Leader Amanda Snipes
·         Grassroots Volunteer Leader Troy Stevenson
·         Grassroots Volunteer Leader Sara Jane Rose
·         Grassroots Volunteer Leader Jana Lewis Harkins 
·         Grassroots Volunteer Leader Dana Orwig       
·         Community Leader Bob Burke        
·         Community Leader Nina Ritchie      
·         Community Leader Henry A. “Hank” Meyer
·         Community Leader Cassi Peters      
·         Community Leader Stuart Price    
·         Education Leader Susan Turpen  
·         Special Counsel to Chief Baker Kalyn Free       
·         Hank Bennet    
·         Debbie Hough-Downey
·         Linda Edmondson          
·         Dr. Jan Henry  

Joining the Hillary for Tennessee Leadership Council:

·         U.S. Representative Jim Cooper
·         U.S. Representative Steve Cohen
·         State Senator Sara Kyle
·         State Senator Thelma Harper
·         House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh
·         State Representative G.A. Hardaway
·         State Representative John Ray Clemmons
·         State Representative Bo Mitchell
·         State Representative Harold Love, Jr.
·         State Representative Raumesh Akbari
·         State Representative Joe Towns, Jr.
·         State Representative Sherry Jones
·         State Representative Bill Beck
·         State Representative Larry Miller
·         State Representative Antonio Parkinson
·         State Representative Johnny Shaw
·         State Representative Johnnie Turner
·         State Representative JoAnne Favors
·         Vice Mayor of Nashville David Briley
·         Former U.S. Representative Barton “Bart” Gordon
·         Former U.S. Representative Lincoln Davis
·         Former U.S. Representative John Tanner
·         Former Mayor of the City of Memphis A C Wharton, Jr.
·         Community Leader Ruby Wharton
·         Chairman of Davidson County Gary Bynum
·         DNC Member Gale Jones Carson
·         DNC Member John Litz
·         DNC Member William Owen
·         Former TNDP Chair Chip Forrester
·         Former TNDP Treasurer Bill Freeman
·         Business Leader John Vergos
·         Community Leader Ellen Vergos
·         Business Leader Henry Turley
·         Community Leader Lynne Turley
·         Community Leader Jim Gilliland
·         Community Leader Lucia Gilliland
·         Community Leader Herman Morris
·         Business Leader Michael McWherter
·         Community Leader Brenda Morris
·         Community Leader Lisa Quigley
·         Community Leader Dale Tuttle
·         Community Leader Byron Trauger
·         Business Leader Andrew Byrd
·         LGBT Leader Chris Sanders
·         Tennessee Young Democrats President London Lamar
·         Grassroots Volunteer Lead Lenda Sherrell
For Immediate Release, October 16, 2015