November 13, 2015

100 Nevada Women for Hillary

With the Nevada Caucus just 100 days away, the Hillary for Nevada campaign is announcing 100 members of the Nevada Women for Hillary team, a group of civic, business, and community leaders endorsing and supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

“I am supporting Hillary Clinton because she has a longstanding record of fighting for women, children, and families” said first female Secretary of State and Attorney General of Nevada Frankie Sue Del Papa. “I have no doubt that Hillary will fight for us: for equal pay, affordable child care, and a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Women have made tremendous progress in expanding opportunity, but there are still many barriers to break down. I am proud to join Hillary in the fight to crack that highest glass ceiling.”

The founding members of Nevada Women for Hillary:

Adriana Martinez, Past Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party
Alisa Nave-Worth, Attorney at Law
Amber Torres, Secretary, Walker River Paiute Tribe
Amy Ayoub, Public Speaking Coach & Communication Specialist
Anna Auerbach, Philanthropist
Asha Jones, Community Advocate
Avis O’Bryant-Chaney, Faith Leader
Barbara Buckley, Former Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly
Berna Rhodes-Ford, Attorney at Law & Small Business Owner
Bobbie Gang, Community Activist, Mother & Grandmother
Bridget Bilbray Phillips, Education Advocate
Carissa Snedeker Former Chair, Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus
Cassandra Cotton, Director of Community Outreach
Catherine Cole, Director of Public Affairs
Demi Falcon, Co-President, UNLV Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
Diane Clary, Community Activist
Diane Goldfarb, Antique Dealer
Donna West, Community Activist
Dr. Emma Sepulveda, University Professor & Writer
Elizabeth Brickfield, Attorney at Law
Ellen Schulhofer, Partner & Attorney at Law
Elvira Diaz, Community Activist
Erin McMullen, Public Affairs Specialist
Estella Morales, Democratic Activist
Evelyn Mount, Founder, Evelyn Mount’s Community Outreach of Reno/Sparks
Fran Almaraz, Labor Activist
Frankie Sue Del Papa, First Female Secretary of State & Attorney General of Nevada
Genia Williams, Member, Walker River Paiute Tribal Council
Gigi Shaukat, Philanthropist
Hannah Brown, Community Activist
Helen Foley, Public Relations Executive
Helen Hsueh, AAPI Community Activist
Hilarie Grey, Communications Specialist
Ida Gaines, Chair of Women’s Democratic Club of Clark County
Izzy Haring, Community Organizer
Janet Purrell, Union Legislative Director
Janie Gale, Managing Partner of Niche Media
Jeneane Harter, Renewable Energy Leader
Jenna Morton, Restaurateur/Community Activist
Jennifer Alexander, Golf Pro
Jennifer Gaynor, Attorney at Law
Joanna Jacob, Government Affairs Specialist
Jodi R. Goodheart. Attorney at Law
Joyce Melendez, Tribal Archivist- Reno Sparks Indian Colony
Judy Zabolocky, Rural Community Activist
Julie Wilcox, Government Executive
Kandis McClure, Policy Advisor
Kate Marshall, Former Nevada State Treasurer
Kathleen Close, Public Agency Administrator
Kelly Dove, Attorney at Law
Kelly Maxwell, Special Events Manager
Kelly Smith, LGBT Activist & Small Business Owner
Kimberly Morris Agee, Attorney at Law
Kristina S. Holman, Attorney at Law
Kristine Kuzemka, Attorney at Law & Small Business Owner
Latoya Holman, Small Business Owner
Lauren Brooks, Public Relations Specialist
Lauri S. Thompson, Attorney at Law
Lesley Miller, Attorney at Law
Linda Faiss, Public Relations Executive
Linda Rickman, Business Director
Loretta Harper, Educator and Political Activist
Lucille Adin, Former President of Reno-Sparks NAACP
Lynn Goya , Clerk, Clark County
Margarita Velasquez Rebollal, Director, Community Services of Nevada
Margie Gonzales, AAPI Community Activist
Marianne Chaco, Rural Community Activist
Marilyn Dondero Loop, Former State Assemblywoman
Marti Delance, Elko Democratic Leader & Precinct Captain
Mary Ellen McMullen, Community Philanthropist
Mechelle Merrill, Public Administration
Megan Jones, Small Business Owner
Michaelene Bilbray, Leader in Community Advocacy
Michele Voelkening, Vice President, Public Relations Firm
Monica Ford, Non-Profit Leader
Myra Greenspun, Leader in Community Advocacy
Nancy Black, Former Commissioner, Mineral County, NV
Pietra Sardelli, Event Specialist
Priscilla Maloney, Labor Activist
Rabia Mechkor, Community Activist
Rose McKinney James, Community Leader
Rozita Lee, AAPI Community Activist
Sammy Burtch, Co-President, UNLV Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
Sandy Miller, Former First Lady of Nevada
Shan Bates-Bundick, Public Relations Account Executive
Sheila Collins, Community Activist
Shelley Berkley, Former Congresswoman
Shelley Seeberg, Labor Activist
Shirley Breeden, Former Nevada State Senator
Dr. Stephanie Lehrner, Family Practitioner
Susanne Stark, Women’s & Children Advocate
Sylvia Allen, Community Activist & Education Advocate
Sylvia Vazquez, Children’s Hospital Advocate
Tamara Peterson, Attorney at Law
Teresa Crawford, Community Activist
Thalia Dondero, Former University Regent and County Commissioner
Thelma Hall, Community Activist
Tisha Overman, Principal, Consulting Firm
Venicia Considine, Consumer Rights Attorney
Vissia Calderon, Immigration Attorney
Zakeisha Steele Jones, Black Democratic Empowerment Project, Vice Chair NAACP, Member