December 14, 2015

Seventy-Eight New Hampshire Democratic State Representatives Endorse Hillary Clinton for President in Open Letter, Less than Sixty Days Ahead of the Primary

Manchester - Seventy-eight New Hampshire state representatives endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, in an open letter to the House Democratic caucus, citing her comprehensive plans to tackle student debt, lower prescription drug costs, encourage profit-sharing, and combat substance abuse. The group of respected legislators represent diverse communities across the Granite State.  

"We are coming together to support Hillary Clinton - and hope more of our colleagues will join us - because her tenacity, passion, and depth of knowledge are unmatched," said Concord State Representative and former House majority leader Mary Jane Wallner. "Representing towns and families across the state, we know about the challenges that keep them up at night.  All through the summer and fall, Hillary Clinton has been laying out bold, detailed proposals to tackle those concerns and make a difference for Granite State families as President."

The joint endorsement is the latest evidence that support for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire continues to grow.  Theseventy-eight legislators represent nearly half of the Democratic caucus in the State House and are close to double the percentage of total Democratic state representatives that endorsed her candidacy in New Hampshire in 2008.

"I am supporting Hillary Clinton because she has a real plan to address gun violence in this country--and she has been working hard on this issue for most of her career," said Rep. Katherine Rogers of Concord. "As a country, we need to take a hard look at this issue and tackle it head on. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who I trust to do just that."

"Hillary Clinton is committed to supporting small businesses and growing local economies, which is exactly what families in New Hampshire need: the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead," said Rep. Ed Butler of Hart's Location. "Through her visits and relationships with many Granite Staters, Hillary has come to know New Hampshire well – and we have gotten to know Hillary. I am certain she's the candidate we need."

"I've been impressed with Hillary Clinton's commitment to solving the issues that impact Granite Staters," said Rep. Mary Heath of Manchester. "Whether its her plan to tackle student debt and college affordability--which New Hampshire families struggle with--or her commitment to addressing the gender pay gap, Hillary knows our state and will be our champion."

"What has impressed me so much about Hillary Clinton is the way that she took what she heard in Keene and crafted an in depth policy that would really help our communities," said Rep. Will Pearson of Keene. "Hillary has engaged with Keene voters in an unprecedented way--and her comprehensive plan to tackle substance abuse is proof that she hears us and will fight to help."

"I've gotten a chance to meet Hillary Clinton several times, and she is the hardest working, most committed candidate I've seen in a long time," said Rep. Sharon Nordgren of Hanover. "She does not over-promise. She is realistic, and doesn't back down from a fight. Her plans are smart and won't result in a massive tax increase on working and middle class families. I endorse her as the Democratic candidate for president, and I hope others will join me."

"In the southern part of the state, families cannot afford a president who is singularly focused on one issue," said Rep. Latha Mangipudi of Nashua. "Our country continues to face huge obstacles and confront serious issues. We need a tried and tested leader with the type of experience and determination that is part of the fabric of who Hillary Clinton is."

"Whether it's her plan to tackle prescription drug costs or her determination to protect and improve on the Affordable Care Act, Hillary will not turn her back on seniors and families struggling to make ends meet," said Rep. Thomas Sherman of Rye. "She knows that we cannot afford a tax increase, but we need a champion in the White House. I believe she's the leader we need."

"The fact that Hillary Clinton came to New Hampshire, heard about substance abuse, and immediately got to work on putting together a plan to combat this issue has convinced me that she is the best candidate in this race," said Rep. Bill Hatch of Gorham. "Hillary will make a real difference for the north country."


Letter to the House Democratic Caucus:

To our fellow members of the New Hampshire House Democratic Caucus:

The New Hampshire primary is an ongoing conversation, from the day each candidate announces to the day Granite Staters cast their votes. We have the opportunity to shape the national discussion – and the responsibility to shine a light on the issues that affect our communities.

Though the primary is still months away, Hillary Clinton has already proven that she is listening to us – and responding with real solutions.  It demonstrates her real concern for the issues facing us in New Hampshire, and for the people who live here.

Here are just a few of the new initiatives she has proposed so far:

Tackling student debt:
 By now we should all be aware that New Hampshire students carry some of the highest average student debt in the nation. Our state colleges and universities are excellent and we should be proud of them – but we need to make sure our students can afford to attend them. Clinton’s New College Compact could save families thousands per year.  It would allow every public college student to graduate without borrowing for tuition, allow anyone who has debt to refinance it at a lower rate and make community college free.

Lowering prescription costs: New Hampshire is one of the oldest states in the nation. Seniors here also pay more than the national average for prescription drugs.  Combined we have a costly problem.  As a solution, Hillary Clinton is proposing bold initiatives: demand a stop to excessive profiteering and marketing costs by encouraging innovation, lower costs by limiting out-of-pocket spending, leverage America’s negotiating power, and with careful protections for safety and quality, allow Americans to import prescription medication.   We can also count on her to defend Obamacare from repeal and strengthen it by making it more affordable for more people.

Encouraging profit-sharing to raise wages: Nationally corporate profits are close to record levels, but Americans' paychecks have not kept pace. The vision for the economy Clinton has presented prioritizes raising hard-working Americans’ incomes with a tax credit for businesses that implement profit-sharing.  One local example is Market Basket, which gives employees a stake in the company’s success through a generous profit-sharing program. In short, Clinton believes workers should share in the profits they help produce.  We do too.

Combating substance abuse: We all know the grave toll that addiction and substance abuse has taken in New Hampshire. We hear stories from our neighbors every day, perhaps the epidemic has even touched our own families. Hillary Clinton has taken this issue seriously from the moment a New Hampshire voter raised it with her on the first day of her campaign – and she has released by far the most comprehensive policy plan to combat substance abuse in our communities.  She would help communities implement evidence-based educational prevention programs, expand access to treatment and recovery, equip first responders with the potentially life-saving antidote, prevent dangerous overprescribing of prescription drugs, and prioritize rehabilitation and treatment over incarceration.

Our next president must protect our recent successes and find common ground to build on them with future achievements. Hillary Clinton has a clear vision for our country and the tenacity to get us there. We are proud to support her candidacy for president– and we encourage you to join us.




Rep. Mary Jane Wallner of Concord

Rep. Laura Pantelakos of Portsmouth

Rep. David Borden of New Castle

Rep. Mike Cahill of Newmarket

Rep. Will Pearson of Keene

Rep. David Karrick of Warner

Rep. Karen Ebel of New London

Rep. Pam Gordon of Portsmouth

Rep. David Woodbury of New Boston

Rep. Ken Gidge of Nashua

Rep. Patricia Lovejoy of Stratham

Rep. Caroletta Alicea of Boscawen

Rep. Mel Myler of Hopkinton

Rep. Sharon Nordgren of Hanover

Rep. James Mackay of Concord

Rep. Lucy Weber of Walpole

Rep. Skip Berrien of Exeter

Rep. Bill Hatch of Gorham

Rep. Mary Stuart Gile of Concord

Rep. Yvonne Thomas of Berlin

Rep. Ben Baroody of Manchester

Rep. Wendy Piper of Enfield

Rep. Andrew O’Hearne of Claremont

Rep. Mary Heath of Manchester

Rep. Tom Southworth of Dover

Rep. Ed Butler of Hart’s Location

Rep. Latha Mangipudi of Nashua

Rep. Rebecca Brown of Sugar Hill

Rep. Alexis Simpson of Exeter

Rep. Mary Freitas of Manchester

Rep. Tom Buco of Conway

Rep. Martha Hennessey of Hanover

Rep. Thomas Sherman of Rye

Rep. Alan Turcotte of Allenstown

Rep. Marjorie Porter of Hillsborough

Rep. Suzanne Gottling of Sunapee

Rep. David Cote of Nashua

Rep. Jim Verschueren of Dover

Rep. Naidia Kaen of Lee

Rep. David Doherty of Pembroke

Rep. June Frazer of Concord

Rep. Pam Brown of Nashua

Rep. Douglas Ley of Jaffrey

Rep. Larry Converse of Claremont

Rep. Ray Gagnon of Claremont

Rep. Deborah DiFranco of Portsmouth

Rep. Kris Roberts of Keene

Rep. Paula Francese of Exeter

Rep. Jean Jeudy of Manchester

Rep. Mario Ratzki of East Andover

Rep. Susan Treleaven of Dover

Rep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts of Portsmouth

Rep. Linda Kenison of Concord

Rep. Robert Walsh of Manchester

Rep. Christy Dolat Bartlett of Concord

Rep. Michael Abbott of Hinsdale

Rep. Suzanne Smith of Hebron

Rep. Harold Rice of Concord

Rep. Linda DiSilvestro of Manchester

Rep. Robert Backus of Manchester

Rep. Gerry Ward of Portsmouth

Rep. Rebecca McBeath of Portmouth

Rep. David Luneau of Hopkinton

Rep. Katherine Rogers of Concord

Rep. Patricia Cornell of Manchester

Rep. Janet Wall of Durham

Rep. Marge Shepardson of Marlborough

Rep. Susan Almy of Lebanon

Rep. Deanna Rollo of Rollinsford

Rep. Ken Ward of Rollinsford

Rep. Paul Berch of Wesmoreland

Rep. Gladys Johnsen of Keene

Rep. Lee Guerette of Nashua

Rep. Richard Ames of Jaffrey

Rep. Deb Wheeler of Northfield

Rep. Kermit Williams of Wilton

Rep. Paula Bradley of Concord

Rep. Kevin Maes of Thornton

For Immediate Release, December 14, 2015