December 15, 2015

Hillary for America Announces State Leadership Council for Michigan

Hillary for America announced the launch of its Michigan Leadership Council – a group of over 140 elected officials including the entire Democratic congressional delegation, community and coalition leaders who will be the grassroots-driven team that will help Hillary Clinton win the Michigan Primary on March 8th. Clinton’s Michigan campaign will be led by Senators Stabenow and Peters, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, and many others.
Leadership Council members share Clinton’s commitment to raising wages for the middle class, revitalizing Michigan’s manufacturing jobs and production, strengthening our nation’s infrastructure to create good-paying jobs, protecting people’s right to vote, reforming the criminal justice system and ensuring that costs are not a barrier for students going to college and much more. You can learn more about Clinton’s agenda at
"I support Hillary Clinton for President because she is the best person to take on the challenges that face Michigan families each and every day," said Senator Debbie Stabenow. "Hillary knows how important the Great Lakes are to our economy and our way of life, and she has a long record of fighting to keep good-paying jobs here at home. She is by far the most qualified to keep our country safe, move our economy forward and to give middle-class families in Michigan a fair shot to succeed."
 “I'm honored to serve on Hilary Clinton's Michigan Leadership Council,” said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “Hillary Clinton is a proven leader committed to growing our middle class and creating opportunities that will allow all Americans to realize the American Dream. She is the right leader at the right time. I'm proud to support her candidacy for President of the United States."
"I’m proud to support Hillary Clinton," said former Senator Carl Levin. "Her solid judgment and board experience is essential in a time of extreme actions and dangerous, divisive rhetoric.”
“In our next President, we need a champion for our auto industry, a green economy, and someone who will work day and night to help get Michiganders incomes rising again through good paying jobs and that candidate to me is Hillary Clinton,” said former Congressman John Dingell. “Among many other things, she is the only candidate in the race with a comprehensive plan to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and detail aggressive proposals that will ultimately save families’ time and money, improve their quality of life, and unlock economic opportunity.”
“I have watched closely Hillary’s service as America’s First Lady, as United States Senator from New York, as Secretary of State during the first term of President Barack Obama and now as a  leading candidate for President of the United States,” said former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. “I am delighted to serve on Hillary Clinton’s Michigan Leadership Council because she is, in my view, the best qualified and most experienced candidate seeking to serve who will strengthen Michigan’s infrastructure, and help us win the global race for advanced manufacturing jobs.”
Over the course of the campaign, the Michigan Leadership Council will continue to expand.
Members of the public can sign up at to get involved and receive more information about campaign events happening in Michigan.


Joining the Hillary for Michigan Leadership Council today:

·         US Senator Debbie Stabenow

·         US Senator Gary Peters    

·         US Representative John Conyers, Jr.     

·         US Representative Sander Levin 

·         US Representative Dan Kildee     

·         US Representative Debbie Dingell          

·         US Representative Brenda Lawrence

·         Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich    

·         Senator Steve Bieda           

·         Senator David Knezek       

·         Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr.             

·         Senator Vincent Gregory  

·         House Minority Leader Tim Greimel    

·         Representative Charles Brunner 

·         Representative Christine Greig   

·         Representative Charles Smiley    

·         Representative Jeremy Allen Moss        

·         Representative Frank Liberati     

·         Representative Marilyn Lane       

·         Representative John Chirkun      

·         Representative Jon Hoadley        

·         Representative Kristy Pagan        

·         Representative Derek E. Miller   

·         Representative Pam Faris 

·         Representative Phil Phelps           

·         Representative Robert Kosowski

·         Representative Brian Banks         

·         Representative David Rutledge   

·         Representative Fred Durhal III   

·         Representative Leslie Love           

·         Representative Sam Singh

·         Representative Scott Dianda        

·         Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo     

·         Representative Latanya Garrett Faustina         

·         Representative Jim Townsend    

·         Representative Vanessa Guerra  

·         Representative Winnie Brinks    

·         Representative Robert Wittenberg         

·         Representative Sarah Roberts     

·         Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan        

·         Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero       

·         Oak Park Mayor Marian McClellan        

·         Westland Mayor William R. Wild           

·         Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter     

·         Wayne County Executive Warren Evans           

·         Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel          

·         Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum        

·         Calhoun County Treasurer Christine Schauer 

·         Oakland County Clerk & Register of Deeds Lisa Brown         

·         Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner        

·         Genesee County Treasurer Deborah Cherry    

·         Ferndale Mayor Pro Tem Dan Martin   

·         Chair, Macomb County Commissioner David Flynn  

·         Macomb County Board of Commissioners Fred Miller         

·         Macomb County Commissioner Veronica Klinefelt   

·         Chairman, Wayne County Commission Gary Woronchak    

·         Wayne County Commissioner Raymond E. Basham  

·         Wayne County Commissioner  Irma Clark-Coleman  

·         Wayne County Board of Commissioners Jewel Ware

·         Ingham County Commissioner Penelope Tsernoglou

·         Ingham County Commissioner Rebecca Bahar-Cook 

·         Ingham County Commission Bryan Crenshaw

·         Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson 

·         Oakland County Commissioner Gary R. McGillivray 

·         Oakland County Commissioner Helaine Zack 

·         Oakland County Commissioner Janet Jackson

·         Oakland County Commissioner David Woodward      

·         Detroit City Councilwoman Janee' L. Ayers     

·         Detroit City Councilman Scott Benson 

·         Marquette City Commissioner Tom Baldini    

·         City Council Sterling Heights Doug Skrzyniarz           

·         President, Michigan State Board of Education John Austin 

·         Michigan State Board of Education, Treasurer Dr. Pamela Pugh    

·         Michigan State Board of Education Cassandra E.

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