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Hillary for America  |  2604 Fairbanks Street, Ste B  |  Anchorage, AK 99503 opening event Aug. 25
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State Director  Jenny Lauesen

LSM (Jan. 2015-April 2016), business development manager (2013-14) and senior account manager (Aug. 2010-2013) for Coastal Television Broadcasting Company LLC.  B.A. in philosophy from Beloit College, 2003.

Alaska Democratic Party 2602 Fairbanks Street  |  Anchorage, AK 99503-2428   ph. (907) 258-3050  |  fb/AlaskaDemocrats  |  @AlaskaDemocrats

Chairwoman  Casey Steinau

(from Jan. 2016 after Michael Wenstrup resigned)  Owner of Big Lake Self Storage since 2008.  Served as field representative for Sen. Mark Begich.  Long-time community volunteer for a variety of causes from garbage clean-up to the fight against homelessness.  Member of the Mat-Su MLK Jr. Foundation, advisory board member of the Mat-Su Food Bank, and board member of the Big Lake Community Council.  B.A. in liberal arts from Shimer College.

Executive Director  Kay Brown

(from July 5, 2011)  Previously project manager for Alaskans for Fair Redistricting.  Worked on Bob Poe's gubernatorial campaign.  Communications director for the Alaska Democratic Party for four years through 2009.  Communications consultant.  Co-owner, editor and reporter for the Alaska Advocate, reporter for the Anchorage times and United Press International.  Elected and served five terms (1986-1996) in the Alaska House of Representatives.  Director of Oil and Gas, Department of Natural Resources, 1982-86.  Deputy Director of Minerals and Energy Management, 1979-82.  Policy analyst for the Legislative Research Agency, 1978-79.  Legislative aide.  Alaska resident since 1976.  B.A. from Baylor University.  twitter

Vice Chair  Larry Murakami
Secretary  Lynda Zaugg
Treasurer  Cyndi Cieslak

National Committeewoman  Kim Metcalfe
National Committeeman  Ian Olson