Hillary for America

Operations Department

Mission Statement
The Operations Department provides business services, infrastructure, and support to ensure that Hillary for America functions at a level of operational excellence that will set the standard for presidential campaigning and for Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination.


- Provide quality customer service.
- Implement innovative, data-driven, and creative solutions.
- Practice efficient operations that maximize the campaign's time and resources.


Service, advice, and guidance to our colleagues
We support our colleagues in every way possible.  They are our teammates, friends and also our customers.

We treat our team members with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.  We respect all individuas and value their contributions.

One Voice
We present a unified message when communicating with others.

Focus on future
We look to make our everyday processes better to ensure victory in the primary and general election.  We anticipate solutions to prevent future problems.

Work as a team
We support each other to ensure a successful journey.  We will not throw anyone under the bus.

"It IS My Job"
We are helpful, even when it's not in our job description.

We work to get to yes...or to find a solution that meets our needs.

We accept responsibility for our commitments, statements, and actions.

Wa always strive to be pioneers.  What we did in the past is only a starting point.

We use data to make informed decisions aimed at real results.

We are cost-conscious.  A  dollar saved is a dollar raised.

Friendship & fun
Campaign friends are lifelong friends.  We will make the thousands of hours we spend together fun!

We represent the diversity of this country, respect each other's different backgrounds, and learn from each other.

We provide informative, decisive, timely and effective communication.  We will be responsive and clear in our verbal and written communication.

We communicate openly, fairly and constructively with each other. We keep each other informed in a thorough and transparent manner.

We are discreet with confidential and sensitive information.