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September 8, 2015
CONTACT: Leslie Shedd

Northern New Hampshire Republicans Announce Their Support for Carly Fiorina

These endorsements fuel Fiorina’s growing momentum in New Hampshire and across the country

MANCHESTER, NH – In yet another signal of Carly Fiorina’s growing support, 25 Northern New Hampshire Republicans have announced their support for Carly Fiorina for President of the United States.  They will serve as members of Carly Fiorina’s growing leadership team in New Hampshire. 
“I am supporting Carly Fiorina for President because she is the proven leader that our country needs,” said State Representative Erin Hennessey, Littleton.  “Her ability to make decisions, even in tough times, coupled with her direct and diplomatic manner will help bring our country back. She is a political outsider with extensive real world business experience who will finally stop the talking and start the problem solving in Washington. Not only is she campaigning face-to-face with voters and listening to their issues and questions, but she actually answers their questions.  Carly has the grit, the confidence and the intelligence to lead America in a new and positive direction. I hope you will join me in voting for Carly Fiorina for President.”
These 25 new endorsements are in addition to the nine New Hampshire leadership team members from the northern part of the state. 
"I don't know about you, but I am tired of politicians who never answer your question and only tell you what they think you want to hear,” said Barb Dutile, Haverhill, Deputy Sheriff, Grafton County. “We need a real leader - not someone who pays lip service to get elected and then never accomplishes anything.  That leader is Carly Fiorina.  She will answer any question you ask, honestly and completely.  She doesn't just talk - she acts.  She gives real solutions to the problems we are facing and has a proven track record of getting things done. If you really want to change Washington, you should join me in supporting Carly Fiorina."
In total, Carly Fiorina’s New Hampshire leadership team includes 64 people, with 35 of those people living in northern New Hampshire. 
“The first time that I heard Carly Fiorina speak, she had my attention,” said The Hon. Eric Stohl, Columbia, Former State Representative. “She spoke the way a normal person would speak.  She was very articulate with her facts and right to the point.  She spoke of her beliefs as to what the problems are that face our nation.  And she offers real solutions to the problems facing our country.  We need a person with a proven business record to straighten out the serious economic issues facing our country today.  I believe Carly Fiorina is that person.”
These endorsements in New Hampshire add to a growing list of Carly supporters in the Granite State and across the country as she continues to gain momentum and climb in the polls.
"We are thrilled to have such a large, prominent leadership team in Northern New Hampshire for Carly Fiorina,” said Rep. Gene Chandler, Bartlett, Deputy Speaker, NH House of Representatives.  “After Carly's recent trip to the North Country that included seven stops, people couldn't wait to join Team Carly. That's because the more that people get to know Carly, the more they like her.  With as often as Carly is in The Granite State, expect her leadership team and momentum to continue to grow."
New North Country Republicans Endorsing Carly Fiorina for President:
The Hon. Rusty Bulis, Littleton, Former State Representative
Bob & Muffy Copenhaver, Littleton
Russ & Lydia Cumbee, Franconia
The Hon. Duffy & Sharon Daugherty, Colebrook, Former State Representative
Barb Dutile, Haverhill, Deputy Sheriff, Grafton County
Carol Elliott, Plymouth, Former Grafton County Treasurer & Register of Deeds
Lud & Caroline Flower, Orford
Wayne Fortier, Haverhill, Selectboard Chairman
Nancy & Richard Gould, Twin Mountain
State Representative Erin Hennessey, Littleton
Dan & Trina Jones, North Conway
Mrs. Karyl Larson, Hebron
Michael Long, Lebanon
Dolly McPhaul, Sugar Hill
The Hon. Henry Mock, Jackson, Former State Representative
David Patch, Glen, NH Fish & Game Commissioner
Craig Pursley, Bath, Ray Burton’s Portrait Artist
Leslie Ramsay, Haverhill, Welfare Administrator
Rep. Larry Rappaport, Colebrook, State Representative
Elaine Ryan, Intervale
Rick Samson, Columbia, Coos County Commissioner
Ms. Suzanne Scolamiero, Jackson
Andy & Jackie Smith, Franconia
The Hon. Eric Stohl, Columbia, Former State Representative
Brenda Tibbetts, Colebrook
Denis Ward, Monroe, Town & School Moderator; Manager at Hatchland Dairy Farm
Previously Announced North Country Republicans Endorsing Carly Fiorina for President
*Rep. Gene Chandler, Bartlett, Deputy Speaker, NH House of Representatives
*Sheriff Doug Dutile, Haverhill, Grafton County
*Senator Jeanie Forrester, District #2
*State Representative Edmond Gionet, Lincoln
*Ms. Joanne Haight, Sandwich, Former Carroll County Republicans Chair
*State Representative Rick Ladd, Haverhill
*Tim Naro, Plymouth
*Beth Perlo, Sugar Hill
*Maynard Thomson, Freedom, Former Carroll County Republican Chair