For immediate release:
December 3, 2015
Audrey Scagnelli
Fiorina Continues to Gain Support in the Granite State
State Representatives and local leaders join team Fiorina
CONCORD, NH – Today, nine Republican leaders in New Hampshire join the growing list of people across the United States supporting Carly Fiorina as she runs for president. State Rep. Ernie Bridge, Frank Ferraro, State Rep. Brian and Karen Gallagher, State Rep. George Hurt, Robert and Kathleen Molway, State Rep. Herb Vadney and State Rep. Michael Vose will join as part of the leadership team supporting Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire.
State Rep. Ernie Bridge:
“Our country needs a leader like Carly Fiorina who can articulate the values of this great, unique nation. She’s providing a clear plan and a clear vision for our future. I am inspired to support Carly as she runs for president because it’s clear she is sincere, confident and ready to be president.”
Frank Ferraro, Former Exeter Selectman:
“America needs a strong, proven leader who will lead us out of our financial malaise and re-establish America's preeminence in the world. Carly Fiorina is that leader.”
State Rep. Brian and Karen Gallagher:
“Carly Fiorina is a strong leader who has an unwavering faith. She is humble, honest and filled with integrity. She’s tough and resilient – just the person to take on Washington, eliminate waste and shrink government. We share her vision for American and the need for the citizens of this great nation to take our government back from the career politicians and the special interest that have long failed us.”
State Rep. George Hurt:
“Our country is in trillions of dollars of debt. Our businesses  large and small  each year face a chaotic tax structure. Our country’s security is being challenged on a daily basis.  We need a well-respected individual with a strong business background, a proven record of global diplomacy, and a commitment to the security of our nation and laws. In my opinion, Carly Fiorina possess those qualifications.”
Robert and Kathleen Molway:
"We are proud to endorse Carly Fiorina for President. She is a strong, principled leader who has made tough decisions and proven she can challenge the status quo. Carly is a true conservative and is not afraid to promote a culture of life in a way that is empathetic and powerful. Carly is the candidate to beat Hillary in 2016 and to lead our Country in a new and better direction."
State Rep. Herb Vadney:

“We need a business leader in the White House that is used to being accountable to a bottom-line. Carly understands economics, she understands business and she understands how to lead on the global stage. She has excelled at the very highest levels of national security and chaired the CIA's External Advisory Board. Carly won’t just propose a plan, she’ll use her executive experience to get things done and keep us safe.”

State Rep. Michael Vose:
"Carly Fiorina has a remarkable ability to clearly communicate the conservative values that most of us share. With Carly as President, our nation will once again realize that hard work and personal responsibility can lead to great things. I am excited to support Carly as she leads the resurgence of our great nation."
New Leadership Team Members:
State Rep. Ernie Bridge, Unity
Frank Ferraro, Former Exeter Selectman, Exeter
State Rep. Brian and Karen Gallagher, Sanbornton
State Rep. George Hurt, Gilford
Robert and Kathleen Molway, Executive Director, CareNet Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord, Concord
State Rep. Herb Vadney, Meredith
State Rep. Michael Vose, Epping
Together, these Republicans join a growing group of Americans nationwide who have been moved to support Carly’s candidacy because of her willingness to challenge the status quo and take on the professional political class. They will help build a grassroots network of support in New Hampshire and communicate why Carly’s unique and impressive background is what we need in the next President of the United States.