November 18, 2015


Kasich for America today announced the structure of its New Hampshire state leadership team, chaired by former U.S. Senator John Sununu. Eleven elected officials and party leaders serve as state co-chairs and twenty-seven as steering committee members. 
Said Sununu, "Our team knows New Hampshire politics, campaigns, and grassroots organization like no other. They understand that John Kasich has the experience, vision, and resolve to revive our economy and restore America’s strength - and will contribute to his success in the First in the Nation primary."
"We have a remarkable team that is running at full speed in New Hampshire," said Kasich. "Under Senator Sununu's leadership, we have the strongest, most experienced organization in the state. He has done a fantastic job of rallying people behind our message of balanced budgets, opportunity for more Americans, and strong global leadership, and I am confident that the team's hard work will pay off in the Granite State in February."
State Chairman: John E. Sununu, Rye, former US Senator 
State Co-Chairs:
Senator David Boutin, Hooksett
Ed Dupont, Durham, former Senate President 
Representative Jack Flanagan, Brookline
Ruth Griffin, Portsmouth, former Executive Councilor
Gordon Humphrey, Chichester, former US Senator 
Nancy Merrill, Lebanon, former National Committee Woman
Tom Rath, Concord, former Attorney General 
Doug and Stella Scamman, Stratham, former Speaker and Representative 
Peter Thomson, Orford
Sheriff Craig Wiggin, Meredith
Steering Committee:  
Nancy Berke, Bow
Karen and Raul Cervantes, Lebanon
Representative Stephen Darrow, Grafton
Linda Frawley, Belmont
Jeff Frost, Alexandria
Louis Georgopoulos, Rye, former Executive Councilor 
Bill Grimm, Franklin
Michele Holton, New London
Linda Kaiser, Amherst  
Pam Kocher, Barrington
Ed Lecius, Merrimack
Representative Norm Major, Plaistow
Leann Moccia, Atkinson
Alderman-At-Large Dan Moriarty, Nashua
Andy Peterson, Peterborough, former State Senator 
Representative Ken Peterson, Bedford
Representative Robert Rowe, Amherst
Barbara Russell, Dover
Ward Scott, Plymouth, former County Attorney 
Gov. Kasich is running for President to help Americans restore our nation, live in safety and pass on prosperity to those who come after us—and he’s got the experience to help us do it. He was reelected last year by a 30-point margin after working with his fellow Ohioans to turn an $8 billion shortfall into a $2 billion surplus, cut taxes $5 billion and create more than 300,000 new private sector jobs.  As chair of the Budget Committee in Congress he led the effort to balance the federal budget for the first time in a generation and served 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee where he helped enact President Reagan's national security agenda.  He has also had a successful career as an investment banker, New York Times best-selling author and at FOX News.  He and his wife Karen have twin teenage daughters and live in their home outside Columbus. You can learn more about him at