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(page updated October 4, 2015)   

announced campaign Sept. 9, 2015

Chairman  Jimmy Wales

Chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation 2003-06 and founder of Wikipedia.  Co-founder (1996) of Bomis and continued as CEO to 2004; Bomis launched Nupedia project, 2000 and Wikipedia in 2001.  C  Worked for Chicago Options Associates, 1994.  Master's degree from University of Alabama; bachelor's degree from Auburn University, 1986.  twitter

The campaign announced its message and legal "Dream Team" of Jarding, Hillsman, Dickerson, Westen and Bonin on Sept. 28, 2015:
General Consultant  Steve Jarding

Lecturer in public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School.  Founding partner with Steve Bouchard of the international consulting company, SJB Strategies International.  Felllow at Harvard University in 2004.  Campaign manager on Tim Johnson for U.S. Senate in Sout Dakota, 2008.  Joined with Jessica VandenBerg to form Maverick Strategies and Mail LLC, a political consulting firm, in 2007.  Senior advisor on Jim Webb's 2006 campaign for U.S Senate in Virginia.  Communications director on Bob Graham for President, 2003.  Directed Sen. John Edwards' leadership PAC in 2002.  Managed Mark Warner's campaign for governor of Virginia in 2001.  Communications director at and senior advisor to the DSCC for four years in the 1990s.  Worked for Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE) for many years including his 1988 and 1994 campaigns and as communications director on his 1992 presiential campaign; continued through to 1998, when Kerrey left the Senate.  Worked on Tom Daschle's first campaign for U.S. Senate in 1986.  Executive director of the South Dakota Democratic Party.  Double major in journalism/communications and political science from the University of South Dakota.  Co-author with Mudcat Saunders of Foxes in the Henhouse (2006).

Media Consultant  Bill Hillsman, North Woods Advertising

Hillsman is founder of North Woods Advertising in Minneapolis.  He has worked on numerous campaigns and is best know for his ads for the Wellstone for Senate campaign in 1990 and for Jesse Ventura's campaign for governor in 1998.  Author of Run The Other Way: Fixing theTwo-Party System, One Campaign at a Time (2004 by The Free Press/Simon & Schuster).

Campaign Manager  Richard Dickerson

President of RAD Communications in Birmingham, AL since 2004.  Senior director of strategic communication for USAID, May 2010-July 2011.  Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Energy, April 1999-Jan. 2001.  A senior staffer on the 1996 Olympic Committee.  Worked on both of Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns, serving as NJ political director in 1996 and Maryland political director in 1992.  B.A. in history and political science from Davis and Elkins College, 1978.  Originally from Charlottesville, VA.  twitter

Message Consultant  Drew Westen

Professor of psychology and psychiatry at Emory University and founder of Westen Strategies, a political and corporate consulting firm.  Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan.  M.A. in social and political thought from the University of Sussex (England); B.A. from  Harvard.  Author of The Political Brain (2007).

Legal Counsel  Adam Bonin

Philadelphia based attorney specializing in political law compliance and advocacy. Prior to starting his own firm he worked over more than a decade for three of Philadelphia’s most-respected law firms.  Chairman of the board of Netroots Nation from 2008-14.  J.D. from University of Chicago Law School, 1993; B.A.  from Amherst College, 1994.


Senior Advisor  Szelana Gray

Co-founder with David Burstein (June 2015) and COO of Run for America, which seeks to "recruit, train and work to elect an new generation of leaders to Congress."  Started as an assistant to Prof. Lessig in 2010 and has led development and operation of Rootstrikers, NHRebellion and Mayday PAC.  M.T.S. in women, gender, sexuality and religion from Harvard University, 2009; B.A. in religion and women's studies from University of Florida, 2007.  twitter

also helping on media:

Brandon Hersh

Independent strategic communications consultant.

Sophie Royce
Account executive at Fenton.


State Director  Jeff McLean

Executive director of New Hampshire Rebellion, Oct. 2013-Aug. 2015.  Executive director of Call A Convention, July-Nov. 2013.  Financial representative for Fidelity Investments, May-Nov. 2012.  Policy director at Americans for Campaign Reform, March-Nov. 2010.  Worked in the Defense sector for Sikorski Aircraft (June 2006-Sept. 2007), United Technologies, (Feb.-May 2006), and as a managemnt analyst at the U.S. Department of Defense (May-Aug. 2005).  M.B.A. and undergraduate degrees from Quinnipiac University.  twitter