May 11, 2015

New Hampshire State Representatives Endorse Rand Paul for President  

LONDONDERRY, NH- Senator Rand Paul today visited the town of Londonderry, N.H. to host a town hall event with community members. At the town hall, several New Hampshire State Representatives publicly endorsed Rand Paul for President of the United States. 
The following State Representatives joined N.H. State Senators Andy Sandborn and Kevin Avard in endorsing Sen. Rand Paul:
Rep. Laura Jones of Rochester, N.H.
Rep. Dan McGuire of Epsom, N.H.
Rep. Keith Ammon of New Boston, N.H.
Rep. Keith Murphy of Bedford, N.H.
Rep. Christopher Adams of Brookline, N.H.
Rep. Glen Aldrich of Gilford, N.H.
Rep. Ralph Boehm of Litchfield, N.H.
Rep. Eric Eastman of Nashua, N.H.
Rep. Bart Fromuth of Bedford, N.H.
Rep. Larry Gagne of Manchester, N.H.
Rep. Joseph Hannon of Lee, N.H.
Rep. Shem Kellogg of Plaistow, N.H.
Rep. Joseph Lachance of Manchester, N.H.
Rep. James McConnell of Keene, N.H.
Rep. David Murotake of Nashua, N.H.
Rep. Jim Parison of New Ipswich, N.H.
Rep. Eric Schleien of Hudson, N.H.
Rep. Brian Seaworth of Pembroke, N.H.
Rep. Victoria Sullivan of Manchester, N.H.
Rep. Nick Zaricki of Goffstown, N.H.
"We need a courageous leader who is willing to be different, and challenge the status quo. We need a leader who we can trust. We need a leader who is willing to stand up for us-- a leader who will protect our rights. I believe that Senator Rand Paul is the leader we have been waiting for and I am proud to announce that I Stand with Rand for 2016," State Sen. Kevin Avard said.

"I want a President who has actually read the Constitution and knows it's a document to restrain officials, not empower them. Being First in the Nation means we have a responsibility. We set the tone on how America will be governed. I want a President who will challenge the status quo-- a President who will defeat the Washington Machine and unleash the American Dream. Today, I am proud to endorse Sen. Rand Paul as President of the United States," State Sen. Andy Sanborn said.