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June 6, 2015

2 Million Strong, Rand Paul continues to Lead in Digital Innovation

WASHINGTON, D.C.  -Senator Rand Paul today became the first candidate in the 2016 race to garner 2 million Facebook"likes." This number shows Senator Paul's continued influence and online presence among fellow contenders on both sides of the aisle.

The campaign is using social and digital media more than anyone else in the field. Rand Paul for President released a vector file of it's logo for use by developers, it has crowd sourced campaign t-shirts, and is encouraging supporters to send in videos for use in online web videos. 

Additionally Rand Paul's campaign is the only one to have work spaces in the tech hubs of Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. On the Republican side, it is also the only one with an announced Chief Technology Officer in Ron Schnell.

"Our tremendous social media success really leads the way towards a technology strategy that will be unprecedented, not only in GOP politics or even presidential politics, but for politics as a whole. We will be doing things that even technology companies aren't doing yet," Campaign CTO Ron Schnell said.

Digital Strategist Vincent Harris added, "Senator Paul is running the campaign he said he would: one that crowdsources ideas and harnesses the grassroots enthusiasm for his candidacy."

As a recent MSNBC article noted, "Paul's campaign was notable in its high level of one-on-one engagement with supporters, something that is rarely seen in high-profile politicians' social media accounts. The Paul campaign's engagement with their supporters - rallying their support to a cause and re-tweeting dozens of them from Rand's own account - is a new level of engagement that positions Paul as an early social media innovator among the crowded 2016 field."