June 30, 2015

Colorado Stands with Rand

Rand Paul for President Announces Colorado Co-Chairmen

DENVER, CO- Senator Rand Paul today visited Denver, Colorado where he spoke to over 300 Constitutional Conservatives, local business leaders, and political activists. While in Colorado, Sen. Paul secured the endorsement of Former State Senator Scott Renfroe and State Senator Owen Hill. Both Renfroe and Hill will serve as Colorado Co-Chairmen for Rand Paul for President.
Former State Senator Scott Renfroe was born in Greeley, CO and graduated from Colorado State University. Following college, he returned to Greeley where he joined his father's company, Foundation Builders, Inc. Renfroe was first elected to the State Senate in 2006 and served as the Caucus Chairman for the Senate Republicans. He and his wife Pamela live north of Greeley with their five children.
"I'm proud to endorse Rand Paul for President. It's an honor to co-chair his campaign in the Centennial State. Senator Paul understands that we can only defeat Hillary Clinton by offering an alternative vision from the status quo in Washington. He is building a freedom movement across our great country to take on the Washington Machine, and I look forward to advocating on his behalf in Colorado," Scott Renfroe said. 

Owen Hill moved to Colorado to attend and graduate from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs with a degree in Economics. He then earned a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis. After serving in the military, Hill held several leadership roles working in finance analysis and budget efficiency for non-profit charities such as Compassion International, the world's premier children's poverty organization. In 2012, he won the Primary and General elections for State Senate District 10 by substantial margins. Hill and his wife Emily raise and homeschool their four children.

 "I find great encouragement that Rand Paul is winning fight after fight for real reform. His message and intellectual courage unite so many for the cause of Liberty around our country. Rand Paul has both the substance and the style we desperately need to win the White House and lead America as President," Owen Hill said. 
In Colorado, Sen. Paul continued to spread the message of limited government and expanded personal liberty:
"Some are saying we cannot win again unless we dilute our message. I think it's the opposite," Sen. Paul said. "We need to be more boldly for what we are for-- less government intervention in your everyday lives, and more personal freedom. The Washington Machine should not have access to your phone records without a warrant and I will not rest until the entire Bill of Rights is protected."