July 8, 2014

For Immediate Release
Sergio Gor

New Hampshire RANDPAC Chief Strategist Announcement

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Rand Paul has named former presidential candidate Rick Santorum's National Campaign Manager, Michael Biundo, as Chief Strategist of his New England RANDPAC operation.

Senator Paul stated, "Mike will be a valuable asset to my team. His experience, passion and leadership will help me advance the principles of liberty. The Republican party needs to grow and Mike will be a vital part of that effort."

Michael Biundo joined Governor Mitt Romney's campaign as his Deputy National Coalitions Director after Governor Romney won the nomination in 2012. 


Biundo, of Manchester, New Hampshire, is a veteran consultant in the Granite State. He has run many state-wide New Hampshire races including a successful presidential primary, gubernatorial races, and congressional campaigns in both of New Hampshire's two districts.


Biundo co-founded a national political consulting firm, RightOn Strategies, in 2013. His two business partners and co-founders, Derek Dufresne and Kory Wood, will also be supporting Senator Paul's RANDPAC in advisory roles and Biundo will also serve as a National Senior Advisor and Coalitions Director. 


Biundo added, "I am honored to join Senator Paul as he continues to be a leading voice for the conservative movement. Rand's unique ability to connect with Americans of all backgrounds, while still fighting for and carrying the conservative banner, is unparalleled - and that is exactly what our party and country need right now.  I look forward to joining Senator Paul's many efforts, both in New England and around the country."


Doug Stafford, Executive Director of RANDPAC, commented on his relationship with Biundo, "Mike is one of the most experienced individuals in the nation when it comes to building coalitions. His involvement in RANDPAC will undoubtedly strengthen and compliment our growing team."

RANDPAC is a political action committee whose goal is to elect Republicans across the United States who are committed to less government and more freedom. Senator Paul has actively traveled across the nation campaigning on behalf of Republicans and expects to maintain an aggressive schedule into 2015 and beyond.