October 22, 2015

New Hampshire Endorsements Total 325 for Rand Paul for President

WASHINGTON, D.C.-  Sen. Paul has the strongest grassroots network in New Hampshire and continues to gain momentum as he receives 25 new endorsements from First in the Nation primary voters. This totals 325 endorsements for Rand Paul for President by New Hampshire public officials, business leaders, and activists. 
"Liberty-loving grassroots activists continue to gravitate to Rand Paul's message of term-limits, balanced budgets & protecting the entire Bill of Rights. These 25 supporters join the 300 members of the Paul Campaign New Hampshire Leadership Team to strengthen our statewide volunteer-driven organization.  Rand Paul is dedicated to building the ground game to capture his growing momentum and turnout voters who want to rein in the Washington machine," says Michael Biundo, Senior Advisor to Rand Paul for President.
A list of the new endorsements can be found below:

Rep. Elizabeth Ferriera, Nashua - State Representative and Ron Paul 2012 volunteer
Hon. Tyler Simpson, New Hampton - Former State Representative
Gerry Violette, Center Barnstead - 2nd Amendment activist
Julius Soti, Windham - Ron Paul 2012 volunteer
Andre Rosa, Manchester - Candidate for Alderman
Varrin Swearingen, Keene - Former candidate for State Representative and Ron Paul 2012 Supporter
Ken Donahue, Chester - Military Veteran
Richard Kahn, Hudson - Ron Paul 2012 Supporter
Sherry Kahn, Hudson - Ron Paul 2012 Supporter
Lucas Siik, Manchester - Ron Paul 2012 Supporter
Jennifer Siik, Manchester - Ron Paul 2012 Supporter
Adam Casey, Derry - Small Business Owner
Bert Prince, Campton - Student for Rand
Scott Drury, Lancaster - Student for Rand
Loren Scott, New Ipswich - Military Veteran
Angel Brisson, Manchester - Manchester activist
Monica Joyal, Manchester - Manchester activist
Wayne Slaughter, Manchester - Manchester activist
John Hyslip, Plymouth - Grafton County activist
Bob Close, New Ipswich - Hillsborough County activist
Yvonne McCormick, Bradford - Merrimack County activist
Christopher Beaulieu, Hudson - Hillsborough County activist
Jimi Austin, Northfield - Merrimack County activist
Fred Prince, Campton - Grafton County activist
Lindsay French, Hooksett - Merrimack County activist