FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         Alex Conant/Brooke Sammon
January 7, 2016                                        

Rubio Announces North Carolina Legislative Leadership Team

Today, the Marco Rubio for President Campaign announced the North Carolina Legislative Leadership Team. As more Americans hear Marco's vision for a New American Century, conservative leaders all across the country are unifying and getting behind his plans for reinvigorating America in the 21st Century.

As Marco is headed to North Carolina on Saturday to rally with supporters in Raleigh, the campaign's organization continues to grow in the state. This is another example of how Marco is prepared to compete in all 50 states.

"North Carolina is welcoming Marco with open arms. We need a leader who not only understands the challenges of working families, but also knows how to fix them," Senator Jeff Tarte said. "Marco is the only person in this race who can both unite the party and implement a serious policy agenda on day one of his presidency, and I am proud to join his team."

"The big-government policies of President Obama have failed North Carolinians over the past eight years, and we're excited to usher in a new era of conservatism with Marco Rubio," Majority Leader Hager said. "Marco is a next-generation leader with the vision and purpose to uplift all Americans and keep us safe. It's up to us to help him turn the tide on the past eight years."

Marco's North Carolina State Co-Chairs:
Senator Andrew Brock
Representative Jason Saine, Lincoln

North Carolina Legislative Leadership Team:
Senator Jim Davis
Senator Jeff Tarte 
Representative Paul “Skip” Stam, Speaker Pro Tem, Wake County
Representative Mike Hager, Majority Leader
Representative John Bell, Majority Whip, Wayne County 
Representative John Bradford, Mecklenburg County
Representative Rob Bryan, Mecklenburg County 
Representative Josh Dobson, McDowell County
Representative Pat McElraft, Carteret County
Representative Steve Ross, Alamance County