February 9, 2016

Rubio Campaign Files for Maryland Ballot with Full Slate of Delegates

Today, the Marco Rubio for President campaign announced that it has filed for the Maryland ballot with a full slate of candidates for delegate and alternate delegate. As the Rubio campaign is the only campaign to have chairmen in all 50 states, Marco has the grassroots support and conservative backing across the country to help him win the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

"We are greatly encouraged by the outpouring of support for Senator Rubio across Maryland and are pleased to file a full slate of convention delegates on his behalf," said Delegate Christian J. Miele (R–Baltimore County), one of Rubio's Maryland co-chairs. "Marco is a next-generation leader whose optimistic vision for our country's future resonates with Maryland Republicans who are excited to nominate a candidate who will unite our party and win in November. I look forward to representing him as a delegate this summer in Cleveland."

"As more and more voters hear Marco Rubio's optimistic vision for a New American Century, more are inspired to support his efforts," said former Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman, one of Rubio's Maryland co-chairs. "We are thrilled to announce a full slate of delegates, and we will continue working hard to build support in the days ahead."

"Marco is working hard every day to earn the support of voters by sharing his vision for a New American Century, and we are pleased by the support he is receiving across Maryland," said Micah Johnson, Regional Spokeswoman for Marco Rubio for President. "As the only campaign organized in all 50 states, we are ready for the long haul, and our strong team in Maryland will play an important role in energizing voters ahead of the April 26 primary."

Marco's Maryland Delegates:

Congressional District 1

John Cluster
David Marks
Justin Ready

Congressional District 2

Patrick O'Keefe
Tim Robinson
Joshua Wolf

Congressional District 3

Herb McMillan
Christian Miele
Laura Neuman

Congressional District 4

Chuck Gast
Heather Lynn Olsen
Adam J. Schmidt

Congressional District 5

Michael Esteve
Robert Richard Ray Marston
Jerry Walker

Congressional District 6

Erich Bean
Jason C. Buckel
David Caporal

Congressional District 7

Bob Flanagan
Dave Myers
Craig Wolf

Congressional District 8

Bonnie Glick
Susan Krebs
Dwight Patel


Michael W. Dawson
Kevin Bailey Hornberger
Haven Shoemaker
Joseph Arcieri
James Kane
Janice Macgregor
Joyce Pope
Jeff Robinson
Meredith Leigh Thompson
Angelette Aviles
Melissa Anne Wittke
Alex Yarema
James Appel
Joseph Lee Swartz Jr.
Douglas Arnold
Gary Edward David
Jonathan W. Glaser
Maria Sofia
Gloria B. Murphy
Brighid L. Skamarakas
Brent M. Tracy
Byron Anderson
James A. Calderwood
Mark E. Uncapher