January 6, 2016 email from New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski

Why I'm Endorsing Bernie Sanders

Today I am proud to announce to you that I am endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign for President and signing on as his New Jersey Chairman. I wanted to share with you directly some of the reasons why I believe in Bernie's campaign and his message of taking back our democracy for the people, not the billionaires and insiders, and why I have decided to join him. 
Senator Sanders’ call for reducing income inequality and taking money out of politics has resonated from coast to coast, but here in New Jersey I believe that the appetite for a new kind of politics is particularly palpable. As a member of the State Assembly for nearly 20 years and a former Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, I have seen first hand the dissatisfaction that exists here in New Jersey for business as usual. 
Our infrastructure is crumbling and our collective inability to fund transportation projects is threatening our economy. Our state's economy has lagged behind the rest of the country, while at the same time many of our state’s big corporations and political insiders continue to rake in millions in government contracts and massive tax subsidies. The working family, the middle class taxpayer, the public school student, the senior citizen and the young person trying to pay for college continue to be the victim of our state and nation’s political culture, and I believe that the Sanders campaign represents a chance to finally break free from this legacy of insider dealing and corruption. 
Political corruption and abuses of power adversely effect every resident of our state. We have unfortunately seen it all too often, with perhaps the most obvious example being the misuse of taxpayer resources for political retribution that occurred in Fort Lee two years ago. The Bridgegate scandal is a crystal clear example of what can happen when people in power forget why they were put there in the first place -- to serve the public, not their own selfish and irresponsible interests. 
Bernie's campaign is about ending the cycle of transactional politics that threatens the health of our democracy and getting back to the core mission of government by providing for the most vulnerable and making sure everyone has an opportunity to thrive. It's a powerful message that is inspiring millions of Americans to take a stand, and now I am adding my own voice to theirs. 
In the coming weeks and months you will be hearing much more from me on how you can get involved with the New Jersey for Bernie campaign and help bring the revolution we need to our country. I hope that you will join me in working to get Bernie Sanders elected as our next President.

Thank you,