March 29, 2016
Contact: Gregory Minchak

Sanders Campaign Receives Key Pennsylvania Endorsement

PHILADELPHIA – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign on Tuesday received the endorsement from prominent state Sen. Arthur Haywood of Philadelphia. As a reason for his support, Sen. Haywood cited the need for an ambitious national agenda that draws people into the political process that only Sen. Sanders provides. 

"Number one reason to endorse Bernie Sanders: I would say, is that he is so right on the question of getting citizens involved in changing how we govern america," said Sen. Haywood. "It is his call for engagement, for participation, that is at the heart of why he is the candidate of my choice"

Citing the need for greater investment in people and infrastructure, Sen. Haywood said the nation must end the "corporate tax give aways that had the consequence of shifting the burden for paying for basic government services: schools, infrastructure, to individual taxpayers. These corporate tax giveaways must stop so we can reinvest in ourselves. And I am 100% with Sen. Sanders in recognizing that this has got to change."  

"A minimum wage of $15/hr will not only lift up families, it will allow mothers in my district who must choose between food and eviction, have a decent life and get what they deserve for a hard weeks work."

"I'm supporting Bernie Sanders because he is right. Without massive political engagement of other citizens, everyday people can not win. And this call for massive engagement is the only source of allowing every day citizens to get what they want. Bernie is a catalyst brining millions of people in to that core recognition that the people own the government and now must take it."