April 7, 2016
Contact: Diane May

  Sanders Campaign Announces Support of Maryland Social Justice Leaders

BALTIMORE – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign on Thursday announced the support of Maryland social justices leaders in an open letter. In the letter Anthony Johnson (Social Entrepreneur), Aaron Maybin  (Artist/Community Leader), Calvin Young  (Youth Leader), ShaiVaugh Crawley (Community Activist), James Williams  (Student at Goucher College), Donna Brown (Criminal Justice Reform advocate), Joshua Harris (Community Activist), Megan Kenny  (Community Activist), Keanuu Smith-Brown (Student at The University of  Baltimore/Community Activist), Kwame Rose (Community Activist), Chris Wilson (Social Entrepreneur and Criminal Justice reform advocate), Dejuan Patterson (Community Activist) and Rashad Staton (Social Entrepreneur) encourage other Maryland social justice leaders to support Sanders' bid for the Democratic presidential  nomination. Excerpts of the letter can be read below. View the full letter available on Medium here

“In the midst of a race dominated by divisive antics, and candidates appealing to their self-interests in lieu of what's best for the American people, sincerity and honesty are the cornerstones of Sen. Sanders' historic candidacy. Furthermore, we stand with him because of his commitment to being a leading voice on the key equity issues that continue to go without redress by establishment politicians who, for decades, have managed only to represent the wealthy and major corporations.

"As a diverse cohort of young leaders active in building small businesses, on college campuses, in our communities, and on the job, we stand with Senator Sanders. Bernie’s plan to reinvest in America’s infrastructure and jobs will create an economy conducive to healing hard hit communities, strengthening families, and generating new opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate.
"That is why we are pleased to stand with a candidate who is committed to changing the trajectory of American politics. For the first time in modern history, we are witnessing a campaign that is truly powered by the people. We hope you will join us in ensuring the political revolution shapes an America that works for all."

Voters in the Chesapeake Bay State will have their chance to vote in the Democratic presidential primary on April 26.