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December 7, 2015

Contact: Rania Batrice

Sanders Campaign Announces Rural Iowa Leadership Committee

DES MOINES, Iowa -- U.S. Sen. Bernie Sander’s Iowa campaign on Monday announced their Rural Iowa Leadership Committee. The committee is comprised of 47 Iowans from across the state, including current and former Democratic county chairs and elected officials, Bernie 2016 volunteers, agriculture activists and campus leaders.

Committee members support Sen. Sanders for a variety of reasons:

“I support Bernie Sanders because I believe he is the candidate that will stand up for regular people, including family farmers that have been the foundation of our state. He understands that economic issues are critical, and also that the sole pursuit of profit is tearing our country apart, not moving it forward. Our nation's family farmers need someone who will fight for us and ensure that we can continue to be the foundation of our rural communities. Sen. Sanders is that person.” - Tony Thompson, Vice President of Iowa Farmers Union

“Senator Sanders has the ability and passion to inspire people from all walks of life. He has empowered me and so many others to advocate for the common good and for ourselves. I support Senator Sanders because he has been consistently fighting for equality since 1962 and is just the type of leader the United States needs as a President.” - Jesica Butler, Bernie 2016 volunteer from Sioux County

“Bernie was the first presidential candidate to speak out against the Bakken pipeline. He understands what an environmental disaster it would be and how important it is that we end our addiction to oil. Bernie knows we can protect our environment while also creating jobs by investing in renewable energy like wind and solar. We don't have to sacrifice our planet to ensure good paying, American jobs, and Bernie understands that." - Deb Bunka, Member of Iowa Farmers Union

“Money in politics is obscene and corrupts our republic. Rather than a government of ‘we the people,’ we have an oligarchy of billionaires. Only Bernie Sanders gets it and will change it. Bernie is not for sale.” - Daryl Beall, former State Senator

“I support Bernie Sanders because big money has no place in politics. As a veteran, I support him because he’s always stood up for veterans issues, women's’ rights, and main street instead of Wall Street. I’m tired of always voting for the lesser of two evils. Bernie is one of us, and it’s time for one of us to take back the White House.” - Laura Hubka, Howard County Democratic Chair

The full list of names of Sanders' Rural Iowans Leadership Committee can be found below:
Daryl Beall, Former State Senator (Webster County)
Corey Behrens, Waldorf College Bernie Volunteer Leader (Winnebago County)
Joan Behrle, Fayette County Democratic Secretary
James Berge, Worth County Democratic Chair
Faith Blaskovich, Calhoun County Democratic Chair
Deb Bunka, Member of Iowa Farmers Union (Story County)
Jesica Butler, Bernie 2016 Volunteer Leader (Sioux County)
Bob Chambers, Former Page County Democratic Chair
Charlene Doyle, Poweshiek County Democratic Co-Chair
Nancy Duitscher, Wright County Democratic Chair
Patti Edwardson, Women, Food, and Agriculture Network Board Member (Greene County)
Duane Eldred, Mayor of Urbana (Benton County)
Jason Frerichs, Montgomery County Democratic Chair
Dhruv Gupta, President of Grinnellians for Bernie (Poweshiek County)
Sally Gran, Beginning Farmer (Story County)
Bev Hannon, Former State Senator (Served Jones County, now lives in Linn County)
Jay Howe, Former Co-Coordinator of IDP Rural Caucus (Adair County)
Laura Hubka, Howard County Democratic Chair
Barb Kalbach, 4th generation family farmer from Adair County
Crystal Kayser, Former Jones County Democratic Chair
Ann Klees, Former Allamakee County Democratic Chair
Terry Kocher, Humboldt County Democratic Chair
Marian Kuper, Former Hardin County Democratic Chair
Gary Lamb, Former Farm Service Agency State Committee Member (Tama County)
Fred Marcalus, Jewell City Council Member (Hamilton County)
Teresa Meyer, Former Bremer County Democratic Chair
Don McGregor, Kossuth County Supervisor
George Naylor, Former President of National Family Farm Coalition (Greene County)
Martin Olive, Adams County Democratic Chair
Becky Poen, Nodaway City Council (Adams County)
Jordan Scheibel, Owner of Middle Way Farm (Poweshiek County)
Stephanie Schwinn, Bremer County Democratic Chair
Julia Slocum, Owner of Lacewing Acres (Story County)
Carol Smith, Union County Democratic Co-Chair
Deb Stehr, Former Sac County Democratic Chair
Tayler Smith, Student Senate President of Iowa Lakes Community College (Emmet County)
Linus Solberg, Palo Alto County Supervisor
Robin Stone, Bernie 2016 Volunteer Leader (Delaware County)
Mark Sturgeon, Plymouth County Democratic Vice-Chair
Matt Tapscott, Winneshiek County Democratic Chair
Tony Thompson, Vice President of Iowa Farmers Union (Polk County)
Sam Warburton, Organic Farmer from Dickinson County
Russell Weaverling, Mitchell City Council Member (Mitchell County)
Keegan Wells, Iowa Wesleyan University Bernie Volunteer Leader (Henry County)
Lorraine Williams, Washington County Democratic Chair
Danielle Wirth, Iowa Dept of Ag and Land Stewardship Board Member (Boone County)
John Wittneben, Emmet County Democratic Chair