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Ed. note: The Maine campaign announced more than 60 endorsements, terming the team the "Working Class Cabinet." 

January 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign Announces Maine Working Class Cabinet

Today at the State House, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign announced the creation of the Maine “Working Class Cabinet.” Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap will chair the committee.

From his prepared remarks:

    “Bernie Sanders is the strongest advocate for working families this country has seen since President Roosevelt nearly 70 years ago. He plans to build a strong economy for all of us, not just the billionaires. He is also our best hope for tackling climate change, getting big money out of politics, fighting for women’s rights, caring for our veterans, and making college tuition free and debt free. This cabinet is a reflection of the people-powered campaign Bernie Sanders is running. We look forward to working together to get him elected.”

House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe:

              “If you’re not outraged by the disappearance of the middle class here in the state of Maine, then it’s time to skip the cocktail parties. It’s time to head down to the main street to the coffee shop. It’s time to talk to your neighbors.”

Bernie 2016 Maine Working Class Cabinet

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap

House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe

State Senator David Dutremble

State Senator Geoffrey Gratwick

State Senator David Miramant

State Senator John Patrick

State Representative Robert Alley

State Representative Roberta Beavers

State Representative Lydia Blume

State Representative Heidi Brooks

State Representative James Campbell

State Representative Ralph Chapman

State Representative Benjamin Chipman

State Representative Michael Devin

State Representative Mark Dion

State Representative Donna Doore

State Representative Michelle Dunphy

State Representative Jeffrey Evangelos

State Representative Richard Farnsworth

State Representative Paul Gilbert

State Representative Adam Goode

State Representative Scott Hamann

State Representative Denise Harlow

State Representative George Hogan

State Representative Brian Hubbell

State Representative Michel Lajoie

State Representative Gina Melaragno

State Representative Kimberly Monaghan

State Representative Christine Powers

State Representative Diane Russell

State Representative Deane Rykerson

State Representative Robert Saucier

State Representative Stanley Short

State Representative Stephen Stanley

State Representative Peter Stuckey

State Representative Ryan Tipping-Spitz

Honorable Severin Beliveau, Former Maine Democratic Party Chair

Honorable John Richardson, Former Speaker of the House

Honorable Michael Brennan, Former Past Mayor of Portland

Honorable Bruce Bryant

Honorable Robert Duplessie

Honorable Charles Priest

Former Past ME AFL-CIO President Don Berry

Former Past ATU 714 President Joe Gaudette

CWA 1400 District VP Serina DeWolfe

IBEW 2327 President Peter Keefe

Ironworkers Local 7 Business Agent Reggie Munson

Maine State Nurses Association President Cokie Giles

Androscoggin County Democratic Chair Tom Reynolds

Aroostook County Democratic Chair Troy Haines

Former Aroostook County Democratic Chair Shelly Mountain

Franklin County Democratic Chair Joanne Dunlap

Knox County Democratic Chair Bruce Hodsdon

Kennebec County Democratic Chair Rita Moran

Piscataquis County Democratic Chair Carole Boothroyd

Washington County Democratic Chair Ellen Farnsworth

American Legion Legislative Chair Charles Chick Cicotte

Organic Seed Growers OSGATA President Jim Gerritsen

Common Dreams Founder Craig Brown

Androscoggin Land Trust President James Pross

Frances Perkins Center Founder Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall

Maine Business Leader Kevin Mattson

Maine Business Leader Jim Wellehan