November 4, 2016

Final Registration Report Shows 1 Million Voter Swing to California Democrats

SACRAMENTO – The California Secretary of State released the final report of voter registration before the November 8 election showing that 8.7 million are now registered as Democrats, a 1 million voter gain since 2012 over the California Republican Party.

The surge of new and reregistered voters pushed Democrats’ edge over Republicans to 19 points and swelled overall registration to 19.4 million voters. Since 2012, Democrats have added 753,995 voters to a total of 8,720,417 and Republicans have lost 308,210 voters to fall to 5,048,398. 

"Trump and the Republicans keep saying our elections are ‘rigged,’ but California voters are proving that our democracy has never been stronger by registering in record numbers to vote on November 8," said Michael Soller, Communications Director for the California Democratic Party. "California voters can reject Republicans’ election lies and suppression tactics with record turnout on Election Day." 

With Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy and record-breaking California voter registration, this is an election of firsts:

  • First-time voters now number nearly 3.2 million, more people than the total population of 21 states.
  • First election year to reach more than 5 million new and reregistered voters since January 1 (total: 5,353,812).
  • First election where millennial voters surpassed both Generation X and Baby Boomers, according to Political Data Inc.

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October 23, 2016

California Democrats Make Final Registration Push Before Oct. 24 Deadline as Surge of New Voters Sets Stage for Dramatic Election Finish

California’s historic surge of new voters in 2016 – which has pushed the electorate over 18 million voters and widened Democrats’ voter registration edge to 18 points over Republicans – sets the stage for a dramatic election finish in November.

The California Democratic Party is making a final voter registration push before the October 24 deadline and ramping up our outreach to new voters to ensure they vote on November 8.

“California voters face a historic choice this November, between the anger and divisiveness of Donald Trump and a vision of progress that gives every American a fair shot,” said Rep. Ami Bera of Elk Grove, who will help register voters on Oct. 24. “But you can’t be part of it if you don’t register and vote, and you still have time to get registered today.”

“California has broken the record with more than 18.2 million people registered to vote. We can do even better if we encourage our family, our friends and anybody you know who may not be registered to vote yet to register,” said Secretary of State Alex Padilla in a video with young Democrats. “But you have to do it by October 24 so your vote will count this Nov. 8.”

Californians who are U.S. citizens, who have recently moved, or turn 18 before November 8 can register online at

Early voting returns released by the nonpartisan Political Data Inc. show absentee ballots favoring Democrats across the board. As of Friday, October 21, Democrats led Republicans 49-30 statewide in early vote counts. In the 2012 general election, Democrats led Republicans in all early votes returned by 43-36.

With fewer than three weeks before Election Day, the California Democratic Party has launched an endorsement lookup page at and is emailing personalized slate cards featuring Hillary Clinton for President and Kamala D. Harris for U.S. Senate, candidates for Congress and the Legislature, and recommendations in 17 statewide ballot initiatives.

Voters can enter their address to receive a personalized endorsement card at

The Republican Party led by Donald Trump has spread lies about a “rigged” election in the hopes of scaring away voters on Election Day. In response, the California Democratic Party is seeking Sacramento-area volunteers for our Protect and Promote the Vote (P2TV) hotline to answer voters’ questions and prevent voter intimidation.


August 19, 2016

Statement of California Democratic Party Executive Director Chris Masami Myers on Democrats' Record-High Voter Registration

SACRAMENTO – Democratic voter registration is at an all-time high of 8.2 million, and Democrats now hold an 18-point voter lead over Republicans.

Republicans’ divisive and failed leadership in California has eroded their support 12 percent since 1992, when the gap between the parties was just 7 points. California Democrats have gained the voter lead in Stanislaus, Riverside, Nevada, Mono, and Trinity counties since 2014.

California Democratic Party Executive Director Chris Masami Myers released the following statement:

“Democrats' effective management of the state budget crisis and unwavering support for job and wage growth has restored California’s credit rating to the best in 15 years and created more than 2 million jobs. That’s the leadership Californians want to see, not the 100-day late budgets and economic crisis when Republicans ran our state.

“Donald Trump has denied California’s drought, tried to profit off the housing crisis, and stiffed hundreds of small businesses. California Republicans in Congress and the Legislature are some of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters, and voters will remember that in November.”

August 16, 2016

Riverside County Turns Democratic as Battleground Shifts Against Republicans

RIVERSIDE -- Riverside County is the latest former Republican stronghold to move to the Democratic side. Democrats now lead Republicans in voter registration 349,322 to 346,604 for the first time in nearly two decades.

“Democrats are leading because we are delivering results for Riverside residents, while Republicans are more out of step with voters’ views on the economy and their government than ever,” said Riverside County Democratic Party Chair Howard Katz. “When people register in one direction, they don’t go back, and we will keep the pressure on Republicans through November and beyond.”

“The Democratic Party has invested heavily in our Democratic volunteers in battleground areas across California,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. “We are committed to giving Riverside Democrats the tools they need to compete and win in races for Congress, the Legislature and local government.”

In 2012 the California Democratic Party launched the It Gets Bluer registration drive in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, which led to Democratic victories in Congress for Dr. Raul Ruiz and Mark Takano and in the Legislature for Jose Medina and Richard Roth.

In 2016 Riverside County Democratic Party has utilized a grant from environmental leader Tom Steyer to expand voter registration.

Riverside’s registration flip leaves Orange County as the last Republican holdout in Southern California. Republicans’ voter edge has been steadily eroding in the face of Democratic pressure -- just 6 points, down from 22 points in the early 1990s. More Orange County Democrats than Republicans voted in the June primary for the first time.

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