Aug. 13, 2016 Peace and Freedom Party of California Selects Gloria La Riva as its Presidential Nominee

Peace and Freedom Party of California

Ed. Note (8/14/16).  California's Peace and Freedom Party bills itself as a "feminist socialist political party," and also notes that it is "the only ballot status socialist party in California."

Four candidates vied for the party's nomination: Gloria La Riva, Monica Moorehead, Dr. Lynn Kahn, and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein.  The Party held a non-binding primary on June 7.  Party officials were upset that the Secretary of State excluded Stein from the ballot.  About 5,000 people voted in the primary and La Riva won with 49.5%.  The party's website notes that some people may have "registered out of the Peace and Freedom Party in order to vote for Bernie Sanders," and after the primary it encouraged them to re-register P&F. 

At the presidential nominating convention on Aug. 13-14  in Sacramento. La Riva won on the first ballot: Stein 9, Kahn 1, Moorehead 12, La Riva 56.  The party selected Dennis Banks as its vice presidential nominee.

Press Release


March 24, 2016

Party Officials Say "We Want to Know"

CA Sec of State Targeted by Peace & Freedom Party Thursday After He Refuses to Put Presidential Candidate on Ballot; Party Officials Say 'We Want to Know'

SACRAMENTO – Members of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, along with others concerned about ballot access and democracy, are gathering in front of the Ca. Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento (11th & O) on Thursday, March 24 at 11 a.m.

The Secretary of State is not listing Jill Stein, one of four names submitted by the party for the June 7, 2016 Presidential primary ballot. We want to know why, and Padilla’s office has failed to tell us.

Background: On Jan. 18, 2016, Debra Reiger, the State Chairperson of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, submitted the names of four women who have declared that they are seeking the party’s nomination for President: Dr. Lynn Kahn, Gloria LaRiva, Monica Moorehead, and Dr. Jill Stein. Padilla’s office has accepted the first three, but has so far left Stein off the list.

Debra Reiger, the party chairperson, has repeatedly asked election officials to explain the omission, but has not received an answer. “They will talk to me about anything else, but they are silent when asked about this,” Reiger said.

Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party candidate for President, has asked to be on the Presidential primary ballot of both the Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party in California. She states, “I want to help foster solidarity and build a unified movement to oppose the two parties of the wealthy and their corporations.”

This would not be the first time a candidate has appeared on both the Peace and Freedom Party and Green Party primary ballots. In 2008, both Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were on the Presidential primary ballots of both parties in California.


June 7 Results

These are the final results for Peace and Freedom Party candidates in the June 7, 2016 June election. Clicking on a candidate’s name takes you her or his page on this site.

Presidential Primary: Non-binding Peace and Freedom Party Presidential primary:

Note: Dr. Jill Stein was excluded from the Peace and Freedom Party primary ballot by the Secretary of State.

Legislative offices: The Peace and Freedom Party endorsed these candidates for Congress.

  • U.S. Senate – John Parker, 35,998 votes, 0.5%, 22rd place out of 34 candidates
  • U.S. Congress
    • 20th District – Joe Williams, 6,400 votes, 3.9%, 3rd place out of 5 candidates

Alameda County Central Committee, 5th Supervisorial District: This was the only district in which there was a contested Central Committee election. The top five candidates were elected.

  • Marsha Feinland, 91 votes
  • Dave Welsh, 56 votes
  • Edie Hallberg, 58 votes
  • Mary McIlroy, 47 votes
  • Norma J. F. Harrison, 43 votes
  • Stan Woods, 38 votes
  • Eugene E. Ruyle, 37 votes
  • John Comly, 35 votes
  • Write-ins (not counted in this case), 18 votes

Peace and Freedom Party of California
Presidential Nominating Convention
August 13-14, 2016

Proposed Agenda

Friday evening, August 12

7:00 pm Presidential Candidate Forum, Sutter Room

Saturday, August 13

9:00 am Registration opens outside of the Sutter Room

10:00 am Call to order

Recess for registration and committee meetings

11:00 am Welcome, explanation of convention procedures and nomination process

11:15 am Opening business

Approval of agenda and rules; approval of session chairs
Approval of minutes from March 2016 SCC meeting
Credentials Committee report, vote on accepting report and its recommendations
Consideration of appointments under Article II, Section 5, Par. H of the By-Laws
Introduction of members by county
End of term report from the State Chair
Other reports

12:15 pm Consent calendar, including positions on some ballot propositions

12:30 pm Propositions on the November ballot:

Presentation, questions, and initial discussion

1:30 pm Lunch break

2:30 pm Selection of Presidential Candidate

Wrap up

4:00 pm Voting (see meeting rules)

Announcement/introduction of our Presidential Nominee
Selection of Vice Presidential Candidate

5:00 pm Announcements, Housekeeping

5:30 pm Recess

7:30 pm Evening event in the Sutter Room

Discussion about controversial ballot propositions

Sunday, Aug 14

9:30 am Reconvene, agenda review

9:40 am By-laws proposals, first reading

10:00 am Propositions on the November ballot that have not been handled by consent

Discussion as time permits

11:00 am Election of Officers for 2016-2018 term

Explanation of voting process
Election of SCC officers: Chair, Treasurer. Secretary
Election of Officers at Large

12:00 noon Lunch break

12:45 pm Announcement of Officer election results

1:00 pm Fundraising

1:15 pm Organizing for the 2016 campaign

1:40 pm Assignment to complete the list of elector candidates for approval by the Officers

1:45 pm Schedule future meetings of the SCC

2:00 pm Endorsements and resolutions

(will be discussed and considered as time permits; priority given to those submitted to the secretary, in writing, by 5:00 pm Saturday with copies available for all 85 delegates)

2:45 pm Membership

2:55 pm Closing song

3:00 pm Adjourn