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(page updated June 8, 2016)

      Get Our Jobs Back Inc. Super PAC

About the SuperPAC

“Every Saint has a past; and every Sinner has a future”

Oscar Wilde famously captured the core message of the New Testament with those words. As It happens that the Team behind “Get Our Jobs Back SuperPAC” stands on the ground of the very same words that Oscar Wilde borrowed from 2 Corinthians 5:17 – “In Christ, an old thing is made new again”. But let us be clear… no matter what your spiritual belief may be, we welcome you as concerned Americans. We just wanted to share with you who we are.

So, whether you are the formerly fallen “Ponzi King” made new in Christ who founded this PAC… or one of us who have come alongside to lend our skills and talents to this effort, we know you that you are probably one of the millions of Americans who loves our country and wants to see it respected, engaged, merciful and thriving again.

We agree that:

We are deeply concerned about the future of our great Nation. Our individual and Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties are under attack from outside and from within. We reject the attempt made over the past seven years of a “fundamental transformation of our country as we know it”. We look around and we don’t like most of what we see.

Our economy, which is the bedrock of our personal hopes as well as the hopes of our national family are at great risk. We are being divided every day by class-envy, race and religion by those who have manipulated for decades and pathologically cannot tell the truth.

Worst of all, the inherently gracious spirit of Americans who for generations have provided for those who are at legitimate risk, is being compromised by political correctness and the outright abuse of power. No one person personifies that abuse of power more than “Crooked Hillary”. Simple common sense has been spun by professional politicians and the media so as to put all of us at risk. Washington DC and nearly every State Capitol across the Nation, is rife with abuse and is increasingly disconnected with every-day, law-abiding Americans.

Clearly are a Nation in need of new leadership and we believe Donald Trump is the right man at the right time… an American leader who will lead ALL of us through this perilous time. But never forget that while Mr.Trump will soon sit in the high office of the Presidency we too are to lead in our families and communities.

This PAC was formed in the belief that all Americans far and wide should have the opportunity to give voice and financial support to Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. We encourage you to take action and we thank you.


The “Get Our Jobs Back” Team

1. This website is not authorized by Mr. Trump or any other candidate staff person.
2. ​Mr. Steven J. Hoffenberg, CEO/Treasurer of the SuperPAC, is the born again Christian with forgiveness from the Lord Jesus Christ.​

The Legacy of Steven Hoffenberg

Steven Hoffenberg’s life is the epitome of the Wall Street American Dream. Simultaneously the CEO of & CEO of, this former owner of the New York Post spent more than a decade in federal prison for committing a $475 million dollar Ponzi scheme. After paying his legal debt to society, Hoffenberg now toils endlessly and daily to repay his victims. A born again Christian, this most extraordinary entrepreneur is willing to share his genius and ingenuity on How To Make Millions with the masses via

Get Our Jobs Back Inc - 235 East 40TH Street, Penthouse E, New York, NY 10016 - Email Steven Hoffenberg at: