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(page updated June 8, 2016)

      Make America Great Again PAC

About Us

We believe in the conservative principles America was founded upon and know that with the right leadership the citizens of this country will come together to help Make America Great Again. Years of poor leadership at the White House and stagnation in Congress have left this country in turmoil.

America continues to lose jobs to overseas producers leaving millions of citizens unemployed and without a way to provide for their families. Job creation strategies under the current administration have merely led to a shrinking middle class and more companies relying on overseas workers. Bringing jobs back into the country will not only lower the unemployment rate and help jump-start the economy but reestablish America as the capitalist leader it used to be.

It is time to protect and serve the men and women who proudly serve in the military. The health needs of 250,000 veterans were ignored by the Veterans Administration and tens of thousands of active military personnel will face unemployment over the next four years. We must stand up and protect those who protect the freedoms afforded us by our founding fathers.

More than 11 million immigrants have been allowed to enter the country and remain in the country, illegally. We believe in legal immigration that gives people a chance at the American Dream by joining our society and culture. America boasts a population of nearly 30 million legal immigrants who came to this country for a better promise for tomorrow. Through reforms we can restore our country to the melting pot it was founded upon and Make America Great Again.

Join us as we help educate voters throughout our great country about issues that matter to them.

208 E 51st Street, Suite 157 New York, NY 10022


Super PAC formed June 30, 2015. Trump disavowed the super PAC and on Oct. 22 it was reported it would shut down.

Director  Mike Ciletti
Co-founder (Jan. 2009) and partner at New West Public Affairs.  General consultant on Gardner for Congress, May 2009-Nov. 2010.  Principal at Phase Line Strategies, Aug. 2003-Dec. 2008. Deputy director to Gov. Bill Owens, 2001-02.  Political director at the Colorado Republican Party, 1999-2000.  District representative to U.S. Sen. Wayne Allarz, 1996-98.  District staff to U.S. Rep. Hefley, 1992-93.  B.S. in political science from Regis University, 1994, also studied at Boston College.

Communications  Stephanie Cegielski