September 8, 2015

Jeb Bush Announces Colorado Campaign Co-Chairs and Initial State Steering Committee

Jeb Bush announced the Colorado Jeb2016 Campaign Co-Chairs and Colorado State Steering Committee. This group will help promote Governor Bush’s successful conservative record cutting taxes as Governor of Florida and his message of opportunity to the state of Colorado. 

Jeb Bush Announces Colorado Campaign Co-Chairs and Initial State Steering Committee
Names Owens and Stapleton as Jeb2016 Colorado State Campaign Co-Chairs

Jeb!2016 Colorado State Campaign Co-Chairs
Governor Bill Owens, Former Governor of Colorado
Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton

Jeb!2016 Colorado State Steering Committee
Rep.  Frank  McNulty, Former Speaker of the House
Rep.  Mark  Waller, Former House Minority Leader
Ryan Call, Former Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party
Rep.  Keith  Swerdfeger, Former State Representative
Doug Benevento, Member of the Douglas County School Board
Melissa Kuipers, Attorney
Michael Fortney, Colorado Campaign Adviser

Gov. Bill Owens
“Jeb and I served as Governor during the same period, and I came to know him as a leader with great conservative conviction and a vision to get things done. I was impressed with his record of cutting taxes, cutting spending, and reforming government. I also know he has a deep commitment to improving education and developing America’s workforce, two critical issues if our nation is to compete in the 21st century economy. Jeb Bush is a strong conservative with a proven record, and I am proud to endorse him for President.”

Former House Speaker Frank McNulty
“I am particularly impressed with Gov. Bush’s record on being tough on crime. I strongly support his signing of Jessica’s Law in Florida, which cracks down on criminals who victimize children. I appreciate Gov. Bush’s support for our military members and our veterans, and the families of both.  I believe he has the ability to bring true reform to Washington D.C. based on his solid conservative record as governor.  He will make an excellent President."