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September 29, 2015

Jeb Bush Announces Oklahoma AG Pruitt To Lead National Policy Effort 

AG Pruitt to serve as National Chairman of Federal-State Relations for the Jeb 2016 campaign

Today, Governor Jeb Bush announced the support of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Jeb announced Attorney General Pruitt will serve in a national role for his campaign, as National Chairman of Federal-State Relations for the Jeb 2016 campaign.

Restoring the Constitutional relationship between the federal government and the states requires presidential leadership and structural reforms.  As the National Chair of Federal-State Relations, Attorney General Pruitt will lead our Restoring Federalism Task Force to develop policies that will restore the federalist principles at the core of our founding and coalitions of support emphasizing these principles.

Governor Jeb Bush: 

"Scott and I share a common vision for empowering the states and limiting the intrusion of federal government in every area of our lives, I’m excited to have him as part of the team.  I look forward to working him and members of the task force to continue to demonstrate my plan as president to restore our country."

Attorney General Pruitt:

"I have never been as excited for a presidential election as I am for this one. Our Party is poised to reclaim the White House and rebuild the faith in America that has been lost under the Obama presidency. After getting to know the strong field of candidates, I am convinced Governor Bush has the courage and humility our country needs to prosper and recover the American Dream. In my time with Jeb, I've personally observed his devotion to his wife and children, his love of country, and his optimism and hope in what America can become. Jeb's track record as governor of Florida demonstrates when you serve and lead with conservative convictions, government works, government shrinks, and most importantly, the lives of Americans are improved.

"I am honored to serve as Governor Bush's National Chairman of Federal-State Relations.  Governor Bush is the only candidate in the race for President that has a plan to bring a much needed structural reset between the relationship of the federal government and states to make Washington less consequential in our lives.  I encourage all conservatives to look past the theatrics of the primary and get acquainted with the authenticity, character and experienced leadership of Gov. Bush.  He is the right man at the right time to lead our nation.  I'm all in for Jeb."

The Restoring Federalism Task Force will be comprised of state attorneys general and federalist-focused policy makers.  Based on the efforts of Jeb’s work with the task force, the campaign will release a set of policy proposals focused on reforming Executive Branch processes and structures to empower states to reassume primary governing responsibilities in key areas, including health care, education and the environment.  

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