October 5, 2015

Alabama Lt. Gov Kay Ivey Endorses Jeb, Files Papers to Qualify Jeb for AL Primary

As was reported this morning, Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey announced her endorsement of Jeb and filed papers with the Alabama Republican Party to qualify Gov Bush to run in Alabama’s Presidential Preference Primary.  

"Jeb Bush was a strong Governor who provided conservative leadership in Florida. He has a positive vision for the future of America and is a leader who will restore us to greatness by increasing economic growth through his plans to reduce regulations and reform the tax code. He is the only candidate capable of providing leadership on an international level to handle the many crises the current administration has fumbled. I’m proud to run as a delegate for Jeb Bush and submit his qualifying papers,” said Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey.

This support from Lt. Governor Kay Ivey comes in addition to previously announced support from Former Governor Bob Riley, Congressman Mike Rogers, Mary Scott Hunter an AL Board of Education Representative and AL State Senator J.T. Waggoner.