Super PAC filed with the FEC on Jan. 26, 2015
Address 1415 SW 296th St., Federal Way, WA  98023
Treasurer C.W. Lucas Agnew
Web site launched on Feb. 11, 2015  |  facebook  |  @MillennialsJeb



Today's political climate, marred by hyper polarization and great dysfunction in Washington, D.C., has alienated the Millennial generation. Many Millennials feel unrepresented by the Nation's political leaders who have proven incapable of providing much needed solutions to the modern day problems that young adults face: a weak job market, failing public schools, rising student loan debt, etc. And also the problems the Country faces: immigration reform, rising income inequality, fixing the education system, etc. 

A 2014 study conducted by Harvard's Institute of Politics concluded that 80% of Millennials do not consider themselves to be politically active. This accurately reflects Millennials' role in today's political system. In the 2014 elections, only about a quarter of Millennials voted despite making up 21% of the eligible voting public. With only 50% of Millennials affiliating themselves with either the Republican or Democrat party, it is clear that Washington has become too partisan to engage and represent us. We are the largest group of political independents in the Country, yet no one has come close to fully mobilizing Millennial voters. In order to truly raise the level of civic engagement among Millennials and capture the political platform we can have, we need a more moderate, visionary leader who will finally bring smart, bipartisan solutions to our problems. We need a true statesman: We need Jeb.


"In a divided government, you can't just say, 'It's my way or the highway.'" - Jeb Bush
Jeb is a leader who is well versed in the art of statesmanship and compromise, two forgotten virtues clearly absent in today's political system. Jeb is not your average politician or Republican. He is a leader who believes in solving the very real problems that face the country through smart policies and solutions, not empty rhetoric designed to score political points. His stances and ideas on education and immigration reform alone prove this. 

In 2010, we witnessed the rise of the tea party which subsequently led to a more conservative platform in the Republican Party. Since Barack Obama became President and the tea party arose in response, our Nation has been plagued by hyper-partisanship. This helps explain why only half of Millennials affiliate themselves with either political party. Tired of the dysfunction and poor leadership in Washington, Millennials have the potential of acting as a catalyst for ending the hyper-partisan political culture. When we come together and get Jeb elected, we will send a message to the Country that we demand bipartisanship and effective governance.   
In our society where the average Millennial faces so many barriers to success, Jeb's mission is simple. Through his "Right to Rise" campaign, Jeb is attempting to remove these barriers and create an equal playing field for Millennials and future generations. Jeb is on a mission to restore the American Dream and bring our country back to its central premise: anyone, regardless of social status, race, sex, or religion, is capable of moving up the income ladder through merit, hard work, and earned success. Join us is in restoring the American Dream and making the "Right to Rise" a reality for all.


Started by Millennials in college, we aim to create the catalyst for a moderate political movement that mobilizes Millennials in order to end the hyper-partisan era of Washington, D.C. politics. Our Country faces serious, yet conquerable, problems that are not getting, and will not get, done in this frenzied, partisan political climate.  As an organization started by college students, we will utilize our campaign experience gained from previous local, state, and federal elections (mayoral, gubernatorial, and congressional). We are going to engage the Millennial voter through social media ad campaigns, grassroots voter registration efforts, recruiting college campus organizers, and other avenues. We will not pursue TV and radio ads as they do not cater to the Millennial generation. Please join our mission and donate now. Individually we are broke, but together we can enact real change.