Vice President Biden; Sens. Warren, Schumer, Murphy and Stabenow; And Many More to Address Netroots Nation 2014 Conference in Detroit

More than 3,000 progressive activists expected to attend conference July 17-20 in Detroit

On Thursday, July 17th, Vice President Joe Biden will deliver remarks to attendees of Netroots Nation, the largest gathering of progressives and the Democratic activist base, on July 17 in Detroit. The conference runs July 17-20 at the COBO Center.

Vice President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for Thursday at 3:30 p.m.  On Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will be amongst a number of other prominent politicians and political figures addressing the conference.  

Other speakers include Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT); Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI), John Conyers (D-MI), Keith Ellison (D-MN), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Mark Takano (D-CA); Gov. Howard Dean; Rev. William Barber; Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer; and more.

Netroots Nation will bring together 3,000 progressive activists and leaders to discuss key issues of the day and strategize for upcoming political battles in 2014 and 2016. Energizing the Netroots is vital if Democrats are going to keep the Senate. Hearing from these key organizers will be an indicator of what Democratic support looks like with the people who will be knocking on doors, making phone calls and raising money for candidates up and down the ballot.

The conference also features 80 panels on topics ranging from the 2014 elections, economic populism, reproductive rights and more.

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Ready for Hillary
July 16, 2014


July 17-18: Detroit, MI

Netroots Nation

Ready for Hillary is a co-sponsor of Netroots Nation and we were honored to have made a $10,000 contribution to this gathering in May of this year. Several team members from Ready for Hillary and our digital partners at Rising Tide Interactive will join Netroots Nation this week. Ready for Hillary and Rising Tide Interactive are holding a session that will focus on our work for the 2014 mid-term elections and how grassroots Hillary supporters have transformed the landscape of what a super PAC can accomplish. On Friday evening, Ready for Hillary and Rising Tide will host "Motown Rising," a party for Netroots Nation attendees (St. Andrews Hall, 431 E Congress Street.). The Hillary Bus is on its way to Detroit and will arrive this evening. Any reporters attending Netroots Nation who wish to check out the Bus or join the party, please let me know - we would love to have you.
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RNC Research
July 17, 2014

Clinton's Netroots Nervousness

As Clinton Ducks Liberal Conference Netroots Nation, Other Potential 2016 Contenders Step In


Today Marks The Beginning Of Netroots Nation - Where Liberal Activists "Will Attempt To Engage And Ignite The Next Generation Of Leaders From The Left." "Netroots Nation, part of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, will descend on Detroit for a four-day conference at Cobo Center beginning Thursday. With 80 panel discussions, 40 training sessions and keynote speeches from Vice President Joe Biden, a potential presidential candidate in 2016, and liberal icon U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the conference will attempt to engage and ignite the next generation of leaders from the left. The conference is meant to bring progressives together who are working on various issues to organize, strategize, build better coalitions and figure out how to make progressive change happen,' said Mary Rickles, spokeswoman for Netroots Nation." (Kathleen Gray, "Democratic Progressives Gather In Detroit For Conference," USA Today, 7/15/14)

While Vice President Joe Biden And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Attend The "Largest Gala Of Progressives In The Nation," Clinton Will Not Make An Appearance. "The announcement Wednesday that Vice President Joe Biden is heading to Netroots Nation means that two of the three biggest stars in the Democratic Party will attend the largest gala of progressives in the nation this year. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, will have a bus visiting in her absence. Biden will join Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., during the three-day conference in Detroit, Michigan. He's scheduled to speak a week from Thursday; Warren is slated for a morning address the day after." (Dave Catanese, "Joe Biden Heading To Netroots Nation," US News, 7/9/14)

  • "Clinton, In The Midst Of A Monthlong Promotional Tour Of Her Book, Declined An Invite." (Dave Catanese, "Joe Biden Heading To Netroots Nation," US News, 7/9/14)
  • "Now That Two Of The Democrat's Top Three Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates Will Be Present, Clinton's Absence Will Only Be Amplified." (Dave Catanese, "Joe Biden Heading To Netroots Nation," US News, 7/9/14)
  • Democracy For America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain: "Hillary Clinton Isn't Going To Be There And That Is A Misstep." "Who is not at the conference also will be noted, Chamberlain said. 'Presidential politics always play a big role at this conference. This is a chance to engage and really drive the grass roots,' he said. 'As it stands right now, Hillary Clinton isn't going to be there and that is a misstep.'" (Kathleen Gray, "Democratic Progressives Gather In Detroit For Conference," USA Today, 7/15/14)

Clinton's Absence May Not Be A Coincidence After She Received An Icy Reception At The Conference In 2007

Clinton Was Booed At Her Last Appearance At Netroots Nation - Then Called YearlyKos - In 2007 . "The last time Hillary Clinton attended a Netroots Nation convention she was booed. It was 2007 -- (when the gala was called YearlyKos) -- she was a front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president and she had refused to join her primary opponents, Barack Obama and John Edwards, in a pledge not to take campaign contributions from lobbyists." (Dave Catanese, "Hillary Not Ready For Netroots," US News, 4/29/14)

  • In Her 2007 Appearance, Clinton "Was On The Firing Line Because Of Her Often-Difficult Relationship With Bloggers." "In contrast to past debates, Clinton was on the firing line because of her often-difficult relationship with bloggers over her initial support for the Iraq war, and because her opponents saw a chance to paint her as the Establishment candidate before an audience hostile to inside-the-Beltway power politics." (Dan Balz and Jose Antonio Vargas, "Yearly Kos Convention Draws Presidential Contenders," The Washington Post, 8/4/07)

Clinton "Came Under Attack" After She Refused To Pledge Not To Take Contributions From Lobbyists. "Clinton came under attack for declining to join former senator John Edwards (N.C.), who is quite popular with bloggers, and Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) in pledging not to take campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists." (Dan Balz and Jose Antonio Vargas, "Yearly Kos Convention Draws Presidential Contenders," The Washington Post, 8/4/07)

  • Clinton's Refusal Prompted "Groans And Hisses From The Audience." "With that there were groans and hisses, and Clinton, who had braced for such a reaction and seemingly had waited for it through nearly an hour of debate, responded: 'I've been waiting for this. This gives us a real sense of reality with my being here.' She added, 'A lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans.'" (Dan Balz and Jose Antonio Vargas, "Yearly Kos Convention Draws Presidential Contenders," The Washington Post, 8/4/07)
  • Clinton's Words "Seemed To Solidify The Perception Of Clinton As A Washington Establishment Figure." "But instead, it seemed to solidify the perception of Clinton as a Washington establishment figure in a year when Democrats are eager for change (Roger Simon has a different view). Her words drew jeers from the audience and invited sharp responses from Edwards and Obama." (Ben Smith, "Hillary Defends Lobbyists, Opens Doors For Rivals," Politico, 8/4/07)

During The Breakout Sessions - Which Were Supposed To Be "Intimate, Unscripted" Exchanges - Clinton Struggled To "Mold Her Meeting Back Into A Controlled Event." "The breakout sessions were supposed to cut through the typical campaign stump speeches and foster more authentic 'citizen dialogues' with activists and bloggers. The idea was to move candidates beyond any sparring at the presidential leadership forum--(which I advised as part of a volunteer forum committee)--and offer them an intimate, unscripted exchange with attendees. Yet Clinton strained to mold her meeting back into a controlled event." (Ari Melber, "At YearlyKos, Netroots Come Of Age," The Nation, 8/6/07)

  • Clinton "Was The Only Candidate To Use Her Staff As A Buffer," Took Just Six Questions And "Filibustered Most Of The Time." "She was the only candidate to use her staff as a buffer, tapping her Internet director, Peter Daou, to pick questions and bringing three other senior aides onstage, though none of them spoke. She filibustered most of the time, taking more than eleven minutes to answer the first question alone--a simple query about fixing the unpopular No Child Left Behind Act. That softball came from an official with the National Education Association, who either didn't know or didn't care that this scarce time was carved out for bloggers and activists without insider access, not for interest-group sponsors. Then Clinton only took five more questions." (Ari Melber, "At YearlyKos, Netroots Come Of Age," The Nation, 8/6/07)


Clinton's Popularity Has Declined As She's Embarked On Her Gaffe-Filled Book Tour

"Hillary Clinton's Era Of Higher Favorability Appears To Be Ending Even Before She Announces Whether She Will Run For President." (Justin McCarthy, "Smaller Majority Of Americans View Hillary Clinton Favorably,"Gallup, 6/11/14)

"Hillary Clinton's Popularity Continues To Slide As She Takes On A More Political Posture." "Hillary Clinton's popularity continues to slide as she takes on a more political posture and Republicans raise questions about the deadly 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya on her watch." (Jonathan Allen," Clinton's Popularity Drops 52% As 2016 Edge Shrinks," Bloomberg, 6/12/14)

  • "As Clinton Ponders Her Future, Her Book Tour Has Produced A Series Of Exchanges That Could Come Back To Haunt Her In A Political Campaign." (Jonathan Allen," Clinton's Popularity Drops 52% As 2016 Edge Shrinks," Bloomberg, 6/12/14)

According To A Recent Quinnipiac Poll, 43 Percent Of Voters View Hillary Clinton Unfavorably While 48 Percent View Her Favorably, While In July 2013, Voters Viewed Clinton Favorably 55-38 Percent. (Quinnipiac Poll, 1,446 RV, MoE 2.6%, 6/24-30/14)

  • MSNBC On Hillary Clinton: "he More That She's In The Public Spotlight, The Less The Public Seems To Like Her." THE HUFFINGTON POST 'S RYAN GRIM: "There's been a really disturbing trend for Hillary Clinton throughout her entire political career and that's the more that she's in the public spotlight, the less the public seems to like her. And this goes all the way back to first lady." (MSNBC's " Jansing & Co.," 7/10/14)

Gallup: Clinton's Current Favorability Rating Is The Lowest It Has Been Since August 2008. "Clinton's current favorability rating is the lowest it has been since August 2008 (54%), when she was preparing to deliver a speech at the Democratic National Convention endorsing then-Sen. Barack Obama, who defeated her in a hard-fought primary battle for the party's 2008 presidential nomination." (Justin McCarthy, "Smaller Majority Of Americans View Hillary Clinton Favorably," Gallup, 6/11/14)

  • As Clinton Promotes Her Memoir, Her Favorability Has Dropped Five Points From February And Is "Significantly Less Than The Ratings She Received As Secretary Of State, Which Were Consistently Above 60%." "Hillary Clinton's favorability rating has dropped slightly, although a majority of Americans continue to view her in a positive light. As Clinton publicizes her new memoir, 'Hard Choices,' 54% of Americans view her favorably. This is down from 59% in February, and significantly less than the ratings she received as secretary of state, which were consistently above 60%." (Justin McCarthy, "Smaller Majority Of Americans View Hillary Clinton Favorably," Gallup, 6/11/14)

In A June Bloomberg Poll, 52 Percent Of Americans Viewed Clinton Favorably, Down From 56 Percent In March And 70 Percent In December 2012. "Fifty-two percent of Americans view the former secretary of state favorably, down from 56 percent in March and 70 percent in December 2012, according to the Bloomberg National Poll." (Jonathan Allen," Clinton's Popularity Drops 52% As 2016 Edge Shrinks," Bloomberg, 6/12/14)

  • Bloomberg Pollster J. Ann Selzer: Clinton Is "Down Across The Board, Even With Groups That Have Been Her Most Ardent Supporters." "'Hillary Clinton may be suffering from contagion from President Barack Obama's sinking scores. She is down across the board, even with groups that have been her most ardent supporters,' said J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the poll." (Jonathan Allen," Clinton's Popularity Drops 52% As 2016 Edge Shrinks," Bloomberg, 6/12/14)

As Progressives Begin Clamoring For An Alternative, Clinton Is Already Trying To Placate The Left Of Her Party

As A Presidential Candidate, Clinton Would "Have To Craft A Platform That Reflects The Party's Shift Left" - A "Balancing Act" Described As One Of Her "Most Significant Issues" If She Runs. "On a broad range of issues from tax policy and Wall Street reform to religious rights, more than a dozen senior Democratic strategists and people who have worked with the former first family told POLITICO that Hillary Clinton will have to craft a platform that reflects the party's shift left and populist sentiment across the political spectrum that distrusts entrenched interests and worries about growing wage inequality. Some described this balancing act as one of the most significant issues for the potential presidential candidate." (Ben White and Maggie Haberman, "A Clinton Approach For Angrier Times," Politico, 7/15/14)

  • Clinton Has Already "Begun A Pivot To The Left." "Prior to her book tour, she'd begun a pivot to the left. Many liberals had questioned her economic themes and coziness with Wall Street. In response, she stepped up her populist rhetoric." (Dan Merica, "How Hillary Clinton Flubbed The Wealth Question," CNN, 6/29/14)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) "Has Become The Darling Of Progressives Who Are Looking For An Alternative To Hillary Clinton, And See Her As A Champion Of The Working Class." "But Warren's appearance underscores her emergence as the go-to blue collar populist, who is able to match her policy proposals around education with her personal story as the daughter of working class parents. Warren has become the darling of progressives who are looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton, and see her as a champion of the working class." (Nia-Malika Henderson, "Could Elizabeth Warren Become The Go-To Democrat This Election Cycle," The Washington Post , 6/25/14)

This Week, A Group Of Progressives Launched "Ready For Warren" In An Effort to Encourage Sen. Warren To Run. In "An enthusiastic band of activists has launched a campaign to slow the momentum of Hillary Clinton and convince Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that she should run for president in 2016. 'I think there's an opportunity for us to convince her if we're really able to make the case as to why we think she's the right person,' said Erica Sagrans, who has signed on as the Ready For Warren campaign manager. The group already has a Facebook page, Twitter account and now a new website with a petition encouraging her to run." (Alex Terkel and Ryan Grim, "Ready For Warren Campaign Launches To Convince Elizabeth Warren To Run For President," The Huffington Post, 7/15/14)

  • "Ready For Warren Supporters Will Be Bringing A Van Full Of Supporters To Netroots Nation, The Annual Gathering Of Progressive Activists That Is Taking Place In Detroit This Week." (Alex Terkel and Ryan Grim, "Ready For Warren Campaign Launches To Convince Elizabeth Warren To Run For President,"The Huffington Post, 7/15/14)
  • The Group Has Formed "Comes As Warren Is Stepping Up Her Presence On The 2014 Campaign Trail." "News of the group's plans, first reported by the Huffington Post, comes as Warren is stepping up her presence on the 2014 campaign trail. She stumped for Democratic Senate nominee Natalie Tennant in West Virginia Monday and intends to campaign for Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), another Senate hopeful, later this week." (Sean Sullivan, "'Ready For Warren' Tries To Spur Elizabeth Warren To Run For President," The Washington Post, 7/15/14)

The Washington Post Headline: "Biden: Calling Up The Troops For 2016?" (Al Kamen, "Biden: Calling Up The Troops For 2016?" The Washington Post, 7/14/14)

  • On July 1, Biden Held A Call With Supporters And Alumni. "The Democratic National Committee e-mail invite, from Biden counselor Greg Schultz - Ohio state director for the Obama-Biden re-elect and former Ohio deputy political director in 2008 - was followed by a July 1 reminder from Schultz to 'join the Biden alumni call' that evening and 'hear from the vice president as to what he's working on.' Schultz asked recipients to 'pass the message on' if they knew people who may not have been invited." (Al Kamen, "Biden: Calling Up The Troops For 2016?"The Washington Post, 7/14/14)
  • Biden Has Maintained A "High Profile In Recent Days." "As 2016 inches closer, observers say it'll be interesting to see how Biden ratchets up the rhetoric to keep his name in the mix. The vice president, who has made it known he'd like to run for president again, has keep a high profile in recent days." (Al Kamen, "Biden: Calling Up The Troops For 2016?" The Washington Post, 7/14/14)
  • "As One Strategist Said, 'He's Making It Clear He's Very Much In The Picture.'" (Al Kamen, "Biden: Calling Up The Troops For 2016?"The Washington Post, 7/14/14)