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October, 2 2015

Dr. Ben Carson Announces National Medical Coalition

Alexandria, Va. - October 2, 2015 - On Friday, Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 presidential candidate, announced the doctors and medical professionals who will lead his national medical coalition. Members of the coalition include authors, lecturers and policy experts whose respective medical specialties range from dentistry to anesthesiology to ophthalmology. These individuals will offer their expertise and counsel to the Carson campaign and help spread Dr. Carson's message of liberty, simplicity and personal responsibility for health care reform.

"I'm thrilled and grateful that these distinguished professionals have agreed to join me to give voice to We the People," said Dr. Carson. "Together, we will craft real solutions to the grave healthcare challenges confronting Americans." 

"I'm honored to join Dr. Carson's campaign," said. Dr. Alma Golden of Texas. "I look forward to working with him to offer proposals for enhancing choice and lowering costs in the marketplace for medical care."

"I have long admired Dr. Carson for his distinguished medical career," said Dr. Jennifer Stanislaus of South Carolina, "but I respect his strong values and commitment to holding Washington accountable to the voters. We need his leadership to repeal and replace Obamacare, and I'm excited to participate in the effort to restore the doctor-patient relationship and help end the distortions created by vast government intrusions into our healthcare system."

"Dr. Carson's message is one that puts the voters first." Said Dr. Rosemary Fernandez-Stein of North Carolina. "I look forward to reaching out to Americans and fellow medical professionals to hear their concerns and explain Dr. Carson's solutions."

“It is great to be a member of this group of dedicated Americans,” Dr. Christina Taylor of Iowa said. “Dr. Carson’s campaign has inspired so many of us in Iowa and across the country. I know he can heal, inspire and revive America, and I’m pleased to join his effort to bring sanity back to our health care system.”

Dr. Carson will hold a press conference about this announcement today in Iowa. The list of doctors and medicals who are part of his national coalition is available below.

Dr. Ben Carson’s National Medical Coalition

  1. Jane Anderson, MD - CA

  2. Karl Anderson, MD - CA

  3. Steven Boyce, MD - NC

  4. Donald Carmichael, MD - AL

  5. Merlynn Carson, MD - MD

  6. Rosemary Fernandez-Stein, MD - NC

  7. Gerard Gianoli, MD - LA

  8. Alma Golden, MD - TX

  9. Kris Held, MD - TX

  10. Robert Henderson, Pharmacist - MD  

  11. Jeff Hook, MD - SC

  12. Jane Hughes, MD - TX

  13. Tim Jordan, MD - NC

  14. Chris Leggett, MD - GA

  15. Jane Orient, MD - AZ

  16. Dee Parsons, Nurse - NC

  17. William Parsons, MD - NC

  18. Evan Reasor, MD - CA

  19. Juliana Reasor, Nurse - CA

  20. Ezra Riber, MD - SC

  21. John Rosemond, Psychologist - NC

  22. Robert Sewell, MD - TX

  23. Carrie Shapiro, Patient Advocate - MD

  24. Kevin Speight, MD - NC

  25. Jennifer Stanislaus, MD - SC

  26. Dave Stein, MD - NC

  27. Michael Strickland, MD - OH

  28. Christina Taylor, MD - IA

  29. Clark Warden, MD - LA

  30. Craig Wax, DO - NJ

  31. John R. Whiffen, MD - CA

  32. Kumar Yogesh, MD - TN

Deana Bass