June 6, 2015
Mr. Costa,

The article you released yesterday is a perfect example of one of America's most serious issues--the lack of journalistic integrity.

I spoke to you at length before you wrote this article only to have you ignore real facts so that you could promote your own sleazy agenda.

One of the reasons America suffers from a lack of true leadership, is because strong people who have accomplished real things in their life do not want to put themselves in the firing line of a press that is more interested in "making" the news than doing their real job--which is to "report" the news.

For you to claim that the Carson campaign is in turmoil because myself and three of my very close friends and colleagues have adjusted our role in assisting Dr. Carson to better fit our skill sets is wrong on so many levels that it defies logic and common sense.

First, I personally hired the leaders of Dr. Carson's campaign and they are terrific folks who are doing an excellent job. Their competence is proven by the fact that in the last four weeks Dr. Carson has moved into the top three Republican primary candidates. In a majority of polls Dr. Carson is finishing first or tied for first. Does that in any way sound like a campaign in turmoil?

Second, Dr. Carson specifically said in his speech on May 4th that he appreciated the work I did creating the campaign team but that he was now asking me to change gears and take on new and important tasks. My leaving was not only not unexpected, it was the result of careful planning and a well thought out strategy.

Third, just as Dr. Carson reported a month ago, I am currently working through a C-4 organization we have formed to help design the policies that will help to save America and build a team of America's best and brightest who will help solve the many serious issues facing our nation. I believe Dr, Carson will be the only candidate with a real plan to balance the federal budget, zero out our debt, and have a real team ready to hit the ground running and get the job done when he is elected President. Does that sound like a campaign in turmoil?

Fourth, Super PAC's have taken on a life of their own in today's political world. To compete a candidate has to have the funds to deliver their message to America. Not to create one or more Super PACS would qualify as incompetence in today's political arena. But then you already know that Mr Costa--don't you?  Jeff Reeter is an extraordinary fund raiser and is perfect to chair one of those Super PAC's. When the FEC rules allow me to do so in early September I will join him as co-chair and do all I can to coordinate the efforts of any other Super PAC's supporting Dr. Carson. Kathy Freberg, Steve Rubino, and I have been colleagues on a number of important matters over the last two decades--from fighting for the victims of abuse by certain priests in the Catholic Church to helping to serve as Trustees for the Martin Luther King estate. Everyone who knows us knows that we are a team and move together when taking on new task. There were no surprises for anyone in the campaign regarding our move and Kathy and Steve are also required to comply with certain FEC rules regarding their change in responsibilities.

Dr. Carson is an amazing man and close friend who is exactly what America needs to heal it's many wounds. He has surrounded himself with a great team of professionals in his campaign committee. He has developed policies that will stun America with their common sense solutions to complex issues. He will be the only candidate with a detailed plan and team ready to balance our federal budget and take on the debt. He will have the backing, financially and otherwise, to carry his fight for saving America through to the end of the 2016 election cycle.

There is not only zero turmoil in his camp, the result he and his team are accomplishing has shocked the the political world. Which is why the reporting hacks like yourself have to meet some agenda to try to stop Dr. Carson's momentum.

From my perspective, the only thing in turmoil is the political reporter team at the Washington Post. If you were not so clearly without bias and some unknown agenda--you would be ashamed of yourself.

To your Editors I would say the following:  the Washington Post is a front line newspaper and you are better than this. But since you have written this story I hope you will have the decency to print this letter as an appropriate retort, since your reporter refused to honestly report his interview with me.

Terry M. Giles