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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Iowa State Representative Jake Highfill Endorses Chris Christie For President

Representative Jake Highfill joins Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen and Representatives Baltimore, Carlson, Deyoe, and Mommsen on Christie’s Iowa Leadership Team

MORRISTOWN, NJ - Today, Iowa State Representative Jake Highfill joined Christie’s growing Iowa Leadership. Representative Highfill praised Governor Christie’s willingness to answer the tough questions and his strong leadership in uncertain times.

“As we prepare to cross into 2016, Iowans are in a unique position to choose who in the field of Republican candidates for President is the most experienced, the most tested, and the most ready to lead on day one. Like most Iowans, I have met with many of the Republican candidates that are vying to become our Commander-in-Chief,” said Representative Highfill.

“Governor Christie has proven to me, and the Iowans that he has met along the way that he is willing to answer the tough questions and take on the difficult decisions that lay ahead. It is clear to me that Governor Chris Christie's integrity and deep love for our country make him the best candidate to steer our country through these tumultuous times. Governor Christie's executive experience and proven track record of conservative reforms prove that he is up for the challenge to lead our party and our nation in 2016. I am caucusing for Governor Christie because I believe that he shares the values that Iowans hold so dearly and I urge all Iowans to join me in supporting him in 2016."

Representative Highfill represents House District 39 in north west Polk County, which includes Johnston, Grimes, and parts of Urbandale. He is in his second term in the Iowa House of Representatives and serves on the Education, Government Oversight, Local Government and State Government Committees.

Highfill is a graduate of the University of Iowa and currently works in commercial real estate in Johnston.

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